A Journey Rooted in Care

Emily Weed’s path to becoming the Branch Manager at Family Resource Home Care in Wenatchee, Washington, is a testament to dedication, perseverance, and a deep-rooted passion for caregiving. Originally from Iowa, Emily moved to Oregon with an in-home caregiving company. However, she soon realized it wasn’t a good fit for her. It was a twist of fate when her boyfriend’s mother, working at the hospital, spotted a job fair poster put up by Charmay, Corvallis Branch Manager. Intrigued and having heard positive things about Family Resource Home Care, Emily decided to attend. To her surprise, she was the only one who showed up.

With a decade of caregiving experience, Emily’s skills and dedication didn’t go unnoticed. She was offered the Lead Caregiver position due to her extensive background, which included caring for her grandparents and father during his battle with cancer. Always proactive, Emily helped with orientation at the office every week and was a regular presence at the office.

Rising Through Challenges: The Client Care Supervisor Role

As the Corvallis branch expanded, the need for a Client Care Supervisor arose. Emily, being ever-present and involved, was the natural choice for the position. She embraced the role, even starting amidst a challenging audit period. This allowed her to connect with colleagues, clients, and update essential materials. Reflecting on her growth, Emily acknowledges the support she received: “Having a mentor like Stephanie really helped me out, and Charmay’s encouragement during the my Client Care Supervisor journey was invaluable.” Within just two months of stepping into the Client Care Supervisor role, Emily realized her ambition to become a Branch Manager.

Empathy at the Core of Leadership

Emily’s unique journey from a caregiver to a supervisor has equipped her with a profound understanding of the day-to-day challenges faced by caregivers. This firsthand experience enables her to build strong rapport and respect within her team. “Being able to put myself in everyone’s shoes helps me navigate situations better,” Emily shares. She emphasizes the importance of understanding both the caregiver and client perspectives, allowing her to view situations holistically. With her gift of communication, Emily believes she can calm anyone down, a skill honed from her experience in Alzheimer’s/dementia care.

Guiding Caregivers to Excellence

Drawing from her own experiences and challenges, Emily is keen on supporting and guiding the caregivers under her supervision to provide exceptional service. She believes in approaching newcomers at a personal level: “Imagine your parent being in their home or a facility.” By highlighting the basic duties of caregiving and emphasizing the support system available, Emily encourages viewing clients as family rather than strangers. She believes that caregiving is a selfless act, stating, “One of the greatest gifts we can give someone is taking care of them without expecting anything in return.”

Navigating Career Growth: Emily’s Advice

For those aspiring to climb the corporate ladder within FRHC, Emily offers valuable advice. She encourages caregivers to immerse themselves in learning, understand the roles of administrative staff, and engage with the community section of paylocity. By fostering a collaborative atmosphere and getting to know colleagues personally, Emily believes in the collective goal of working together towards success.

In Conclusion

Emily Weed’s inspiring journey from a caregiver to Branch Manager at FRHC is a story of resilience, passion, and commitment. Her unwavering dedication to making a difference, paired with her empathetic leadership style, serves as an inspiration to all. Emily’s story reminds us of the transformative power of empathy, understanding, and continuous learning in shaping a successful career and making a lasting impact on others’ lives.

Join Our Compassionate Team – Culture Beyond Compare

If Emily’s journey has sparked your interest in the fulfilling world of caregiving, we invite you to embark on your own transformative path. Family Resource Home Care is always on the lookout for dedicated individuals who are passionate about making a difference in the lives of others. With over 30 locations spanning across Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, there’s an opportunity waiting for you to join our compassionate community. Whether you’re an experienced caregiver or considering a career change, take the leap and explore the rewarding realm of caregiving with us. Discover the joy of creating meaningful connections and making a positive impact on the lives of those in need. Your journey begins here – join us in spreading warmth, care, and support.