Live-In Care

When a client requires live-in care, they typically need it every day. Yet, live-in care can still take different forms depending on the needs of the client. Live-in care is most appropriate when the client does not want to move and a caregiver is required around the clock. A typical live-in client may be dealing with multiple health issues, have difficulty with activities of daily living, may be receiving home health or hospice services, or simply want the security of knowing that there is a trained responsible person in the house at all times.

How does Live-in Care work?

When a client requires live-in care, they typically need it every day. Yet, live-in care can still take different forms depending on the needs of the client. An agency may rotate 2 or 3 caregivers who will cover the 7 days. However, if a client is up several times at night requiring the help of the caregiver, it may be necessary to have 2 caregivers in the home at the same time with one working a 7-8 hour “awake overnight shift” (often 11 pm – 6 or 7 am) while the primary caregiver sleeps. Sometimes a client will prefer a different arrangement in which 2 caregivers rotate 12-hour shifts, or a family member will cover part of the needed caregiving time.

In all cases, Family Resource has the flexibility to set up and maintain a schedule that works best for the client. The caregiver does not have to have their own bedroom but must have a comfortable place to sleep and a place to put their things. Meals may be eaten together with the client or separately during the caregiver’s downtime or break.

What services will a Live-in caregiver provide?

When we provide live-in care, the Family Resource caregiver is responsible for all aspects of the client care plan, including taking care of the home. Caregivers assist with the morning and bedtime routines and with personal care tasks throughout the day. They will offer medication reminders; do light housekeeping and laundry; provide transportation and shopping; plan and prepare meals, and offer companionship and supervision.

Live-in caregivers often work closely with family members who are involved but just not able to be present all the time. With the help of our highly-involved supervisors, they also coordinate closely and share information with other caregivers working with the same client.

FRHC’s Live-in caregivers keep seniors safe and healthy in their own home

The team at Family Resource Home Care is committed to providing the best quality live-in care. We are and will remain committed to providing quality care to all our live-in clients. Our caregivers are experienced, highly qualified, and offer attentive and caring assistance.

How do we establish Live-in Care services?

At Family Resource Home Care, we start by listening.

Every client and family is different and has their own story to tell. We learn all we can about the senior from their health history to current lifestyle, interests, and concerns. We work with the senior to determine what goals are important to them and what needs they have. We’ll also talk to family members to learn more and build a complete understanding of the client.

From there, our client care supervisors will develop a detailed and personalized care plan tailor-made to your loved one. The next step is to match a qualified caregiver with your senior and ensure there’s a good personality match. The caregiver will know and understand the care plan and follow the steps outlined.

If the caregiver or senior, or family ever has any questions about the care, supervisors are available by phone 24-hours a day, seven days a week. The Family Resource professionals work hard to make sure your loved one is pleased with their care and adjust the care plan or caregivers as necessary.

Every Family Resource caregiver is well-trained and, if needed, some have their own insured vehicle to escort your loved one to appointments, shopping, and social outings. We carefully select and screen our caregivers with thorough background checks, required references, and an in-depth interview. We only work with caregivers who are genuinely kind and care about their clients.