What We Do

Improve More Lives.

Simply put, we provide people with reliable in-home care and companionship so that they can continue to live at home in safety, comfort, and with dignity. While this is most often the elderly, it can also include the disabled, those with chronic medical conditions, or people in need of temporary care as they recover from illness or surgery.

To provide these services, we employ “caregivers” who are most often either certified Home Care Aides or Certified Nursing Assistants. Caregivers go to wherever the client calls “home”, be this a house, an apartment, or a room in an assisted living facility.

Every one of our clients is unique, so we develop a personalized in-home care plan tailored to each person. The caregiver then puts the care plan into action for our clients, completing assigned duties that range from bathing, dressing, meal preparation, transportation to errands, light housekeeping, respite, end-of-life care, and companionship. These are called “Activities of Daily Living” or ADLs and you can learn more about them here.

Shifts range from a few hours a week to around-the-clock live-in home care, with the goal of giving our clients friendly, one-on-one home care services from a trained and qualified caregiver who has passed a rigorous background check. When you work here, your “office” is the home of your clients and your schedule is whatever you want it to be! Many people enjoy this independent work life. Read more about an average day here.

At Family Resource Home Care, we employ people who believe in our purpose. Who get out of bed with a clear sense of what their impact will be that day. Who are personally fulfilled by the good they’ve contributed to their community at the end of each week. Who understand the work they do matters, even when it’s hard. Who are passionate about our company, its growth, and its future, because they believe no other home care agency does it better than us.

This is our purpose. This is our why. Simply put, to Improve More Lives.

  • To enhance the dignity, independence, and safety of our clients.

  • To employ more people in our communities and provide the best wages, benefits, working environment, and stability.

  • To reduce the burden on our health care and social systems through avoidance of medical emergencies.
  • To lead the revolution of widespread acceptance, availability, and adoption of home care as a solution for families, governments, and individuals.

If this sounds like something you can and want to do, apply now!