Care Scenarios

Every family’s circumstances are distinct, shaped by the specific care requirements, individual preferences, and a myriad of other influencing factors. The following outlines some typical situations in which families consider long-term care and services, along with guidance on the subsequent steps to take.

When leaving the hospital, a discharge planner or case manager should discuss your options. Post-acute care facilities, also known as skilled nursing or nursing facilities, are specialized healthcare settings for individuals who require continued medical attention or round-the-clock care, including medical supervision or rehabilitation services.

If your loved one doesn’t qualify for a skilled nursing facility, home care is an ideal option. A caregiver can provide the extra support, assistance with recover, personal care, medication management and transportation. To learn more about the services we provide post-hospitalization, check our After Hospital Care service page.

Many think senior living facilities, also known as retirement communities or assisted living communities, are  the only option for those seeking a supportive and environment in which to live.

While assisted living may offer access to support with some daily tasks, many seniors discover only after moving in and getting locked into a leaese or purchase agreement, that they don’t adequately support the daily needs. As a result, many who live in assisted living still need to hire a caregiver.

As an alternative, you can maintain independence and community, often at a much lower cost, by bringing in a caregiver from a home care agency. A caregiver can help you remain in your home, while giving you access to social activities by providing transportation, doing engaging activities with you, meal preparation and planning, light housekeeping, personalized care, and personal care needs like bathing, dressing or exercise assistance.

Senior home care, also known as caregiving, in-home care or aging in place, refers to personalized and professional support services provided to older adults in the comfort of their own homes – typically by a licensed home care agency. As an alternative to moving to a senior living facility or nursing home, seniors can maintain their independence while receiving the care and assistance they need. Senior home care services can encompass a wide range of support, including personal care assistance, medication management, meal preparation, companionship, transportation, and help with household chores.

Caregivers, who are trained and experienced in working with seniors, provide one-on-one attention and tailor their services to meet the unique needs and preferences of each individual. By opting for senior home care, older adults can age gracefully in familiar surroundings, surrounded by the comfort of their own belongings and cherished memories, while receiving the necessary support to maintain their health, well-being, and quality of life.

A dementia diagnosis can be tough to deal with. When finding out and when caring for a loved one with dementia, there are several resources available to provide support, guidance, and information. Both the Alzheimer’s Association and the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America can be great places to start.

Additionally, we offer in-home Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care that can help you and your loved one! Many families find that the support of a caregiver is crucial to maintain routines, provide respite and allow family members to feel less stressed about being both a caregiver and a loved one.

In-home companion care plays a vital role in helping seniors stay mentally, socially, and physically active while remaining in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes. By focusing on mental stimulation, social interaction, physical activity, and personalized care, in-home companion care helps seniors maintain an active and fulfilling lifestyle. Caregivers supports their overall well-being, autonomy, and independence while providing the necessary assistance and companionship to ensure a high quality of life at home.

To see more about how Companion Care from a professional caregiver can help, read more about it here!

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