After Hospital Care

If you or a dear one has recently faced a significant injury, illness, or health incident leading to a hospitalization, the recovery phase becomes a crucial aspect of the discharge process. During this challenging transition back home, our caregivers are here to assist and support you.

Family Resource Home Care provides quality After Hospital Care for your loved one’s Recovery

When moving from one level of care to another, there are potential risks such as falls, medication mismanagement, and neglecting dietary requirements. At Family Resource Home Care, we specialize in crafting personalized plans to facilitate a smooth and successful transition for you or your loved one. Our dedicated in-home care services are designed to support individuals after their discharge from a hospital or skilled rehabilitation center, ensuring their well-being and comfort throughout the recovery process.

After being discharged from the hospital, the post-hospital care includes:

  • Guidance in following discharge orders.
  • Assistance with prescription pick-up and running errands.
  • Reminders for medication intake.
  • Support with grocery shopping.
  • Transportation to and from medical appointments.
  • Coordinated communication with healthcare providers, including hospital or skilled rehabilitation center personnel, and home health agencies.
  • Facilitated communication with loved ones.
  • Meal preparation.
  • Help with mobility, including walking, repositioning, and transfers (e.g., moving from bed to chair).

When it comes to post-hospital care provided by compassionate and skilled professionals, Family Resource Home Care is your best choice. Discover how our services can support you or your loved one during the transition from a hospital stay to home life.

Various types of after-hospital care include:

Following rehab or hospital discharge, ongoing support at home plays a crucial role in reinforcing treatment and helping individuals resume the activities they cherish. Our competent caregiving teams are extensively trained to facilitate a seamless transition from the hospital or skilled rehab center to home, offering unwavering support throughout the entire journey.

Examples of elderly care after hospital discharge include:

Joint Replacement

The recovery process after joint replacement surgery can make everyday tasks challenging for several weeks, possibly even months. Elderly joint replacement patients require specialized post-hospital care that involves intensive rehabilitation services, such as prescribed physical therapy exercises aimed at enhancing strength and range of motion. This rehabilitation regimen continues even after they return home from a skilled rehab facility.

Our dedicated caregivers are here to assist during this crucial phase. They provide essential support, including medication reminders, encouragement to adhere to prescribed physical therapy routines, and meal preparation that promotes healthy nutrition and hydration, supporting the ongoing healing process at home.

Heart Surgery or Cardiac Events

You or your loved one deserves dependable after-hospital care services during the recovery period after a significant procedure. The outpatient cardiac rehab program may extend for several weeks and involves exercise monitoring and education on cardiovascular risk factors. Once you are back in the comfort of your home, following this program diligently becomes crucial to restore your enjoyment of life.

This entails attending follow-up healthcare provider appointments and adopting a heart-healthy lifestyle, which may require significant changes to diet and exercise habits. Fortunately, our skilled caregivers are here to provide the necessary support. You don’t have to face these changes alone. We can assist with medication reminders, meal planning and preparation, and running errands, especially since driving is generally restricted post-surgery. With our help, you can navigate this phase with confidence and ease.

Eye Surgery

After undergoing eye surgery, your vision may not be reliable or fully functional for a while. During this recovery period, our dedicated care team is here to provide assistance with various day-to-day tasks that you or your loved one may find challenging to perform. This includes driving, as well as handling activities that require bending or lifting, which can exert strain or pressure on the eyes. Rest assured, we aim to make your recovery as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Pneumonia Prevention

Although not very common, pneumonia can still occur after surgery, often attributed to anesthesia and limited mobility. To mitigate this risk, patients are typically advised to engage in deep breathing and coughing exercises post-surgery. These exercises help expand the lungs, reducing the likelihood of pneumonia. Our skilled after-hospital caregivers play a vital role in pneumonia prevention after major procedures. They ensure a clean environment, encourage good nutrition, and promote proper hydration for overall better health. By providing attentive care and support, our caregivers contribute to a smoother recovery process and help minimize the chances of post-surgery complications such as pneumonia.

Tailoring an After-Hospital Care Plan to Match Your Requirements

Experiencing a significant event like surgery, injury, or illness requires a structured path to recovery. At Family Resource Home Care, we take pride in designing individualized plans that ensure a seamless transition from the hospital or skilled rehabilitation center to home. Our primary objective is to offer care and support that enables individuals to not only regain their previous lifestyle but to surpass it with newfound enjoyment. Through our person-directed care approach, we empower and actively involve our clients, fostering deep and meaningful connections along the way.