In the midst of Oregon’s extreme weather conditions, where ice storms wreaked havoc, power outages left many in the cold, and emergency situations became a common occurrence, one caregiver stood out above the rest. Sheri from Eugene not only weathered the storm herself but went above and beyond her duties to ensure the safety and well-being of her client. It is with great pride and gratitude that we announce Sheri as the recipient of the Lifesaver Award.

The heartfelt testimony from Sheri’s client paints a vivid picture of the extraordinary care and dedication she exhibited during those challenging days. The client, facing the harsh reality of a power outage with no heat, no phone, and physical limitations, found solace in Sheri’s unwavering commitment.

Three Days of No Power

From the very first day of the crisis, Sheri’s determination shone through. Despite a flat tire on her truck and being without power, heat, and a phone herself, she made her way to her client’s home. Sheri not only ensured her client was up and dressed but went the extra mile by wrapping them in four heavy blankets and placing hand warmers in gloves, socks, and shoes. Hot coffee and soup were delivered to provide comfort in the freezing conditions.

What sets Sheri apart is her resilience and selflessness. Despite the challenging circumstances, she stayed for her entire shift, even as she shivered in the cold. Sheri’s commitment extended beyond the call of duty, with her returning after her shift to repeat the process and make sure her client was well taken care of.

This routine persisted for three days, demonstrating Sheri’s unwavering dedication to her client’s well-being. On the 17th, Sheri took proactive steps to enhance safety by preventing falls. She dug out peat moss and spread it on the disabled ramp, showcasing her attention to detail and commitment to her client’s safety.

Sheri didn’t just focus on meeting basic needs; she understood the importance of social interaction and mental well-being. Taking her client to the recreation center, where a generator-powered space heater provided warmth, Sheri ensured they had a respite from the harsh conditions for four hours each day.

As the days passed, Sheri continued to provide essential care, making sure her client had heavy blankets, food, water, medications, and much-needed companionship. In the face of desperation to find a warm place, Sheri’s persistence proved crucial. Her efforts to call multiple places, even if unsuccessful, underscored her commitment to exploring every avenue for her client’s comfort.

Sheri & Her Persistence

The turning point came when Sheri recognized the severity of her client’s condition. Unable to move due to stiff knees exacerbated by arthritis, Sheri took the initiative to call 911. Despite initial reluctance from paramedics, Sheri’s persistence prevailed, leading to a life-saving decision. The emergency room visit revealed high blood pressure and an underlying heart condition, necessitating immediate hospital admission.

This testimony serves as a powerful reminder that exceptional caregivers like Sheri embody the true spirit of compassion, going beyond the expected to ensure the safety and well-being of those in their care. Sheri’s dedication not only saved her client from the bitter cold but potentially from a more severe health crisis.

As we honor Sheri with the Lifesaver Award, let her story inspire us all to appreciate and acknowledge the caregivers who, like Sheri, bring light into the darkest moments of our lives. Cheers to Sheri, a true hero in the caregiving community!

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