Dear Family Resource,
My dad has been given only a few months to live. Right now he is at home with caregivers and a hospice nurse who are working together to coordinate his care. His doctor says that he may soon need to move to a hospice facility, and if that happens, we won’t need our caregivers any longer. I want to buy them something to let each one of them know how much their kindness has meant to my dad and the rest of the family. Can you give me an idea of what is appropriate in this situation?
~Grateful Son

Dear Grateful Son,
I am sorry to hear of your father’s situation. I am glad you have the support of a hospice team who will focus on his quality of life and provide support to your family as well. Usually, hospice care is provided in the home through to death. Hospice facilities are often used to help manage pain control, and once accomplished, the patient returns home.

The bond between a client and a caregiver can be amazing for both. I often tell our clients that a thank-you note expressing your gratitude is worth its weight in gold. It is so important to acknowledge a caregiver for their words and deeds. A gift is not necessary! If you really want to give a gift, a gift card would suffice.

My best to your father and you during this difficult time.
~Family Resource