Dear Family Resource,
I know people use home care agencies to find caregivers for the elderly, but do they also work with people who just need temporary help, like after surgery? I am 65 years old and in generally good health, but in a few months will be having surgery to remove bunions on both feet. I’m told that my mobility will be limited for a few weeks and that I’ll need help with some personal things – what they call “Activities of Daily Living,” like bathing. I’ll also need household help like cleaning, doing laundry, shopping, and so on. Is this the kind of thing that a home care agency might do?
~Needs Help

Dear Needs Help,
You came to the right place! Yes, indeed Family Resource Home Care helps people before and after surgery. Our scope of service is very broad and includes helping people with personal care and activities of daily living, transfers, meal planning and prep, light housekeeping, laundry, linen changes, shopping, errands, and transportation. We provide service for as little as two hours per day up to 24-hours. You decide on the schedule. We are flexible, so if you begin with a lot of care, you can reduce the number of hours and days as you recover. Our caregivers are licensed through the Department of Health and are well trained. I am happy to speak with you further about your needs and how we can help you. My very best to you for a successful surgery and quick recovery.
~Family Resource

photo courtesy: Anne Worner Cherries? via photopin (license)