Before your loved one takes a dip in the dating pool, what do you need to know? Start off being open-minded, no matter how long it’s been since death or divorce left your senior adult single, it can be hard to wrap your head around them moving on and finding a new romantic partner. And that’s completely fine. As we age, our relationships are like adjusting a camera lens, the priorities change and what was once important may not be anymore, and vice versa. Companionship is important for seniors to avoid experiencing depression and isolation. To help with companionship and engaging in more social events, opting for in-home care can allow senior adult to maintain their independence and dignity, as well as put them in social settings to meet a new friend or romantic partner.

There are many misconceptions about senior dating. The desire for companionship after having a loved one pass away or leave becomes greater as the years go by. Nobody wants to be lonely for the remainder of their lives. Seniors are more suitable when it comes to dating since they have years of wisdom about relationships under their belt. So as a quick guide, here are a few facts when it comes to seniors and dating:

Online dating can have its pros and cons.

Online dating can provide safety because everything is online before initiating an in-person meeting. On the other hand, the majority of selection depends on appearance and sometimes a long-term commitment isn’t on the table. Dating scams are targeting a lot of senior adults and these may include fake profiles trying to convince your loved one to send money. Advise caution when creating and maintaining an online dating profile.

Age, appearance and superficial things aren’t factors.

Seniors are more flexible and adjustable when it comes to age. For seniors, looks aren’t as important as personality. They know well enough that looks fade, but the personality stands out. There is less pressure to fit into some schema and more opportunity to be yourself and find someone that matches your lifestyle.

It’s not necessarily about commitment.

Keep an open mind about dating for fun. Companionship is important to seniors. They long for someone to converse with and share their activities with. Attraction can be present, and it is a way to add spice to their oftentimes mundane day.

As with any relationship, trust is important.

Authenticity and transparency are important, especially at this age. They need to know that their future companion or partner is genuinely interested in them.


It’s Never Too Late to Find Love

As a person ages, there is a deeper need for companionship to fill the void brought about by loneliness. A widow, a divorcee, or just someone who never found the right partner during their younger years still has the desire to be loved and love again. The baby boomer generation is more eager to get back into the dating game once they find that they are alone later in life. We can understand and sympathizes with this. We know the need for companionship is very important and evidence supports that elderly with a lively social life combat illness and depression better.

Being alone increases the mental and physical toll of isolation which includes:

  • Depression
  • Increased risk for dementia or Alzheimer’s
  • Fatigue
  • Decision functioning
  • Changes to sleeping patterns
  • Irritability
  • Changes in appetite
  • Increases in aches, pains, or other health issues
  • Misuse of prescriptions, alcohol, or other substances
  • Suicide

Studies show that this can greatly impact a person’s overall well-being and condition. Some may think that senior dating is awkward and unnecessary. But even when you reach an older age, you still have feelings of desire and love. There is still a need to connect and get intimate with another person. It’s not about being sexual and passionate, it’s about the importance of companionship and partnership at their age.

There are many barriers and hindrances when it comes to senior dating, here are a few examples:

  • Appearance – many seniors, especially women, can feel unattractive and undesirable.
  • Age – senior men, prefer to seek younger partners with the intention of starting a new family.
  • Virility – there is a sense of inferiority when it comes to reproduction.
  • Mortality rate – based on statistics and studies, women live about eight years longer than men, which means that the ratio of senior men and women is not close to equal.
  • Family – sometimes the family of the senior adult, most especially the children, isn’t keen.

Although dating as a senior adult may seem intimidating and as a loved one it may make you nervous for the safety of your senior, it may provide a lot of joy and passion to their life. If you thought of someone during our quick guide and facts, maybe it’s time to encourage them to embark on dating. If it seems overwhelming to engage in social events again, try an in-home caregiver that can assist with transportation and companionship to ease some of the nervous feelings. And what better time to start than in the month of love!

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