Steve Strong has been the Family Resource Home Care controller since 2002, overseeing an accounting department that has grown and changed along with the company. When he first started, FRHC employed 91 caregivers and served 94 clients. Now, almost 12 years later, our once small Seattle home care agency has grown to include 284 caregivers serving 319 clients. “When I started, much of the accounting processes were done manually. Caregivers had to call in their hours over the phone. The first thing I did as controller was automate that process, and since then I have set up all the accounting processes we use today,” said Steve.

Steve supervises three full-time assistants. The department is crucial to the smooth running of Family Resource. If caregivers are not paid and reimbursed on time, and clients and their insurance companies are not billed accurately, the company would quickly lose caregivers, clients and our good reputation in the industry.

Steve is proud that in addition to the support and caring provided by their supervisors, caregivers also receive employee support from his department. For example, Seattle requires that all those who work in the city receive 1 hour of sick leave for every 40 hours worked. “But many of our clients live outside of the city, in Tacoma, Bellevue and beyond,” said Steve, “so to be fair, we provide the same sick leave to all of our caregivers regardless of where their client lives.”

Prior to joining the  Family Resource Home Care, Steve worked for an office machines company, a TV station, and a TV advertising and production company. “I really enjoy my work with FRHC,” he says. “It’s a great company and we are helping to provide a service that people really need. We treat our clients with honesty and caring, and help in any way we can.

Steve is originally from Mississippi. His father was in the military and Steve lived in 13 different places by the time he graduated high school. In 1990 he moved to Seattle and has no plans to move again. “My wife and I golf and cycle and right now we’re training to compete in the Bellingham Traverse which includes city and trail runs, mountain and road biking, and kayaking.” The race is September 21st and if Steve brings the same commitment and energy as he does each day to Family Resource, we know he’ll do  well.  Go Steve!