Let us be the lucky charm for more seniors in need. Because having a supportive, professional caregiving team is kind of like finding gold.

Those with personal care services provided by professional caregivers have improved quality of life, better health outcomes, and fewer doctor and hospital visits. These are just FIVE of the many ways we improve the lives of our clients and help support our community partners and those who share our passion for improving the lives of seniors.

  1. Reduce Loneliness and Social Isolation: Seniors are at a 50% percent increased risk of dementia, 29% of heart disease, and a 32% of stroke due to social isolation.
    • Better quality of life and satisfaction
  1. Improve Nutrition: Malnutrition leads to declines in health, physical and cognitive function and increases chances of hospitalization, re-admission, and mortality.
    • Improved health outcomes
  1. Provide Transportation: A lack of transportation leads to missed appointments, delayed care, inconsistent medication use, contributing to poorer chronic illness management and outcomes.
    • Reduced health care spending
  1. Increase Mobility: Movement limitations increase the risk for falls by almost 5x and 15x for those with a history of falls, a leading cause of ER visits and hospitalization for seniors.
    • Fewer ER visits, hospital stays, and re-admissions
  1. Alleviate Family Stress: Families without the support of professional caregivers report significantly higher emotional stress and negative impacts to their personal health.
    • Enhanced adherence to care plans
Who do you know that could use the extra support? Contact us. Assessments are free and care can typically begin within 24 hours.