Lifesaver Awards: Staff Heroes

At Family Resource Home Care, our caregivers are not just providers of care; they are also guardians of safety and compassion; heroes. We are proud to recognize four incredible individuals who recently earned our prestigious Lifesaver Awards for their extraordinary acts of heroism. These stories showcase the unwavering dedication and quick thinking that our caregivers bring to their roles every day.

Heather Smith – Tri-Cities Branch

At Family Resource Home Care’s Tri-Cities Branch, we celebrate moments of extraordinary courage and compassion. We proudly shine a spotlight on Home Care Professional (HCP) Heather Smith, whose incredible actions saved a client’s life.

A heartfelt email from her client shares a remarkable story of survival and compassion. Her client bravely opened up about a challenging time, confessing thoughts of ending everything, leading him to discontinue his medication and request a cessation of services. Amidst this critical situation, Heather became her client’s guiding light.

Heather’s unwavering dedication to her clients extends far beyond routine care. When Heather learned about her client’s distress, she stepped in with a remarkable display of empathy and support. Heather reassured her client, reminding him of his value and how much he is cherished by her and others. Her compassionate words and consistent follow-ups provided the encouragement he desperately needed.

Her client’s heartfelt message of gratitude acknowledges Heather’s instrumental role in his recovery. Heather’s dedication and commitment not only helped David through his darkest moments but also ensured he continued to receive essential care and support.

“I want you to know how much I appreciate having Heather. She saved me last week, I wanted to end everything. I stopped taking my medication and called you guys and told you I didn’t want service anymore. The reason why, was because I was going to end my life. When Heather found out she had a talk with me and encouraged me not to give up. She said I was like a big brother to her and I am loved by her and other people and that I am needed. She is here and always follows up with me all the time, making sure I take my medication and if I need anything. Because of her I am keeping my services and staying with you guys.”

The Tri-Cities branch stands united in immense pride for Heather Smith. Her profound care, empathy, and genuine concern for her client’s well-being exemplify the core values we hold dear at Family Resource Home Care. Heather’s actions saved a life, fostering hope and reminding us all of the immense impact compassionate caregiving can have.

We applaud Heather Smith for her heroic actions and unwavering commitment to her client’s well-being. Heather’s story inspires us, reminding us of the profound impact a caring heart can have in someone’s life. She truly represents the spirit of our organization, fostering hope, love, and support in our caregiving community.

Candice Logan – Portland East Branch

In a heart-pounding moment, Home Care Professional (HCP) Candice Logan exhibited remarkable bravery and quick thinking that saved a life. While assisting her client, Candice noticed the danger lurking in her client’s bedroom—an electrical blanket had caught fire. Without hesitation, Candice sprang into action, attempting to douse the flames with a fire extinguisher, but the fire had already spread too far, making it impossible to contain.

Despite the escalating situation, Candice swiftly evacuated her client from the adjoining bathroom to safety. Once outside, Candice remained by her client’s side, offering unwavering support throughout the day. With the help of the Red Cross, Candice ensured Kim was relocated to a hotel, staying by her side and providing emotional support during a difficult time.

Candice’s extraordinary care didn’t stop there. Realizing her client had lost her belongings in the fire, Candice went above and beyond, visiting a nearby Walmart to ensure her client had essential clothing to stay warm and comfortable.

This act of heroism exemplifies the incredible dedication and selflessness of our caregivers. Candice’s courage and compassionate response to this emergency showcase the true spirit of caregiving, going beyond the call of duty to ensure her client’s safety and well-being.

Candice’s client has been vocal about her gratitude, acknowledging Candice as a hero and an invaluable support system during a challenging time. Candice, embodying the essence of a selfless caregiver, asked for nothing in return for her heroic efforts.

At Family Resource Home Care, we’re deeply moved and immensely proud of Candice’s heroic actions. Her unwavering commitment and compassion serve as a testament to the exceptional caregivers within our community, and we’re honored to recognize her as a true hero.

We are incredibly grateful to have compassionate caregivers like Candice Logan in our team, showcasing the epitome of caregiving excellence. Candice’s heroism and selflessness continue to inspire us all.


Jolene McManus – Palouse Branch

In the world of caregiving, where compassion and dedication intertwine, stories of heroism often emerge from the most unexpected moments. Among the remarkable caregivers at Family Resource Home Care, one individual’s courage and quick thinking stood out in a life-saving event that transcended mere duty.

At FRHC, caregivers are the unsung heroes who selflessly tend to the needs of their clients. However, this particular caregiver’s experience went beyond routine care. What began as a seemingly ordinary shift turned into a life-altering moment for everyone involved—the client, her husband, and even the caregiver herself.

The caregiver arrived for her shift only to notice a faint smell of smoke lingering in the air. Concerned for the safety of those under her care, she wasted no time in investigating the source. Alarmed by the husband’s dismissive attitude, she persisted in her quest to uncover the looming danger, driven by an instinct she couldn’t ignore.

Despite the husband’s agitation and resistance, the caregiver’s determination led her to the laundry room, where she encountered a scene of imminent peril. Smoke billowed out as she discovered a fire raging perilously close to an electrical outlet. In a courageous attempt to prevent disaster, she acted swiftly, risking her own safety to disconnect the power source and alert the husband.

The revelation was staggering—the fire, unnoticed and unchecked, had the potential to consume the entire house. But fate intervened in the form of a charred Porcelain angel, wedged precariously between the dryer and the outlet, inexplicably preventing the fire’s spread. Its presence, a divine intervention unbeknownst to anyone, temporarily thwarted a catastrophic outcome.

The caregiver’s relentless persistence and decisive actions averted a calamity that could have claimed lives and property. Yet, the miraculous turn of events did not end there. Unbeknownst to her, the shock she received while attempting to disconnect the power had an unforeseen consequence—one that would change her life.

The caregiver, who had battled Atrial Fibrillation (A-FIB) for years, experienced a miraculous cessation of the condition following the electrocution. Astonished medical professionals confirmed the disappearance of A-FIB, canceling a scheduled surgery for the removal of her thyroid. The electrifying event had seemingly reset her heart rhythm, providing an unforeseen blessing amidst the chaos.

Reflecting on that momentous day, the caregiver’s eyes welled up with tears of gratitude. The interplay of events, from the inexplicable presence of the angel to the unforeseen healing of her own ailment, filled her with profound appreciation for life’s mysteries and the unspoken guidance that led her to act.

The incident underscored the intrinsic connection between bravery, intuition, and the immeasurable impact of caregiving. It served as a poignant reminder that sometimes, within the most challenging moments, miracles unfold, altering destinies and reaffirming the profound impact caregivers have on the lives they touch.

In honoring this caregiver’s bravery and unwavering dedication, FRHC acknowledges not just her heroic acts but the embodiment of the values that define exceptional caregiving—selflessness, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to the well-being of others.

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