Lifesaver Awards: Staff Heroes

At Family Resource Home Care, our caregivers are not just providers of care; they are also guardians of safety and compassion; heroes. We are proud to recognize four incredible individuals who recently earned our prestigious Lifesaver Awards for their extraordinary acts of heroism. These stories showcase the unwavering dedication and quick thinking that our caregivers bring to their roles every day.

Karen Furney – Everett/Snohomish Branch

For over two years, Karen Furney has been a steadfast presence in her client’s life. A bond had formed between them, and every Monday and Thursday at 9 am, Karen arrived to provide care. But one morning, the routine took an unexpected turn. The front door was locked, and the living room drapes were drawn, a stark departure from the usual welcoming atmosphere.

Karen’s keen instincts immediately kicked in when she heard her client’s cries for help. Following the faint words, “back patio,” she rushed to the rear of the house. To her dismay, the back patio door was locked, and her client’s pleas grew louder.

Without hesitation, Karen located a broom and broke through the glass of the patio door to gain access to the garage and then the house. What she discovered was a harrowing scene – her 85-year-old client lying on the cold linoleum floor, in excruciating pain.

It was apparent that her client’s walker had malfunctioned the previous night, leading to his unfortunate fall. Karen acted swiftly, calling 911 and notifying the client’s daughter, who was at work. Paramedics arrived promptly, transporting him to the hospital, where he spent a grueling ten days.

Karen’s unwavering dedication didn’t stop there. She ensured the client’s daughter was informed and took care of securing the house. Her quick actions and compassionate care may well have saved a life that day. If not for Karen’s diligence, who knows when her client would have been found?

Jory Moens and Trudy Irwin – CSR and Hillsboro Branch

In a moment of sheer despair, a client reached out to us by phone, expressing thoughts of self-harm. This distressing call was answered by Jory Moens, one of our Customer Service Representatives. Jory’s empathy and quick thinking were nothing short of heroic as he assured the client that help was on the way.

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Jory immediately contacted our Hillsboro branch. Trudy Irwin, a Client Care Supervisor, quickly made her way to the client’s home, which was just five blocks away.

Throughout this critical time, Luz, the Branch Manager, maintained a crucial connection with the client over the phone. What Trudy found upon arriving at the client’s home was a woman at the end of her rope, desperately seeking a lifeline. She expressed her profound gratitude for Jory and how she had skillfully handled the situation.

This heartwarming story showcases the profound impact of compassion and timely intervention. Not only was a life improved, but it was likely saved, thanks to the dedication of Jory, Trudy, and the entire team.

Zaya June – Woodinville Branch

Zaya June’s vigilance and quick action saved a life while caring for her client during her daughter’s vacation. She noticed her client’s unusual behavior – lethargy and confusion, symptoms that raised immediate concerns.

Zaya wasted no time, reaching out to our branch for guidance and promptly calling 911. She accompanied her client in the ambulance and waited at the hospital until her family arrived. It was at the hospital that the client received a diagnosis of heart failure and water around her lungs.

This incident served as a stark reminder of the importance of attentive caregiving. Zaya’s keen observation skills potentially prevented a fatal outcome. Her dedication to her client’s well-being exemplifies the remarkable qualities we value in our caregivers.

Alena Motley – Tri-Cities Branch

Alena Motley’s story is a testament to how our office staff go above and beyond their call of duty. Alena, a Caregiver Manager at our Tri-Cities office, received a call from one of our caregivers who was in distress. He was experiencing severe difficulties, including falling and incoherent speech.

Without hesitation, Alena recognized the gravity of the situation and dialed 911 immediately. Within minutes, an ambulance arrived to transport our caregiver to the hospital. Alena also ensured that the caregiver’s emergency contact was notified and handled all necessary scheduling adjustments.

When our caregiver returned to work after his medical emergency, he expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the entire Tri-Cities team for being there when he needed them most. He tearfully explained that he had never experienced such care and concern from a company. The entire branch joined in on the celebration of his recovery.

Alena’s quick response not only ensured our caregiver’s well-being but also exemplified the caring spirit that defines our team at Family Resource Home Care.

In each of these stories, our caregivers demonstrated extraordinary heroism and unwavering dedication to their clients and colleagues. The Lifesaver Awards they received are not just tokens of appreciation; they are symbols of the incredible impact that compassion and quick thinking can have in the lives of those we serve. We are immensely proud of these employees and grateful for their exceptional contributions to our mission of providing compassionate care.

To give someone a shout out, please feel free to contact us with a story of our every day heroes to have a caregiver submitted to win our Lifesaver Award!