Maria Rodriguez is a Family Resource caregiver in the Boise, Idaho region who graciously agreed to chat with us about her experience with the COVID-19 vaccine. She received the second dose of the vaccine just a few weeks ago, 28 days after getting the first.

Originally, Maria was hesitant to get the vaccine and wavered back and forth before making a decision. After researching vaccine statistics, efficacy, and safety, then speaking with people in her personal life who’d gotten it and were all fine, she decided it was the right choice for her. Ultimately, she says, her decision to get the vaccine was primarily “to protect the people that I work with, to protect my family and myself, and try to put an end to this virus.”

Maria said the overall experience was quite easy. Melanie, our Boise branch’s Client Care Supervisor, gave her information about a nearby clinic distributing the vaccine. Maria called and was able to get an appointment right away. With insurance, the shot was completely free. Maria’s sister, whose vaccine fears were dispelled after Maria got it, had to pay $15 for the vaccine. (She was told the dose itself is free, but there was a cost for the syringe).

After the first shot, Maria did not have any symptoms other than her arm being a bit sore near the injection site. “A little sorer than the flu shot,” she said. She did experience symptoms after the second dose. About 12 hours after the second shot was administered, a headache developed, and then a mild fever which lasted on and off for about 24 hours. She did not feel the need to take fever or pain-reducing medication, but the CDC says it’s okay to do so after getting the shot, just not before. The following day, Maria felt symptom-free and back to normal.

Now that several weeks have passed, she says she feels great. “Physically, I feel fine. Mentally, I feel more at ease. I always take precautions like mask-wearing, washing my hands frequently, and distancing from my clients, but now I feel like I have extra protection.”

When asked what she would like to say to those who might be afraid of getting the vaccine, Maria remarked that we’ve been vaccinating our kids for years, it’s proven to work, so there’s nothing to fear. “They should be more afraid of the actual virus than they should be of the vaccine.”

Curious about what to expect? Learn more on the CDC’s vaccine info page.
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