2021 is expected to be a year of changes and growth for the Home Health industry and we’re here to help you succeed. Reach your goals this year with the support of your trusted home care partner, Family Resource. Here are five ways we can be your best resource.

  1. Staffing: Your staff is busier than ever and recruiting is a challenge. Let us help them practice at the top of their license by taking over duties related to ADLs like bathing. We can also help your RNs, occupational therapists, and physical therapists be productive and serve more patients in their scope.
  2. Compliance and readmissions: Your quality and performance measures are more important than ever. Support from a caregiver with custodial care and adherence to care plans is proven to improve overall patient outcomes.
  3. HHVBP and Social Determinants: You’re incentivized on better patient care, yet too often a patient’s support system influences the results. Caregivers can address social determinants of health that put your value-based performance at risk.
  4. SNF-at-home: Considering SNF at home this year? Partnering with home care will be crucial for success, as providing round-the-clock personal care is necessary. We have both 24-hour and Live-in caregivers ready to support this model.
  5. Transitional care and gaps between visits: We provide transport and transition home as you prepare for the first skilled visits. We are there for the crucial 48-hours after discharge and also to cover gaps in between skilled visits when patient safety is most at-risk.

Is home health on your list of resolutions for 2021? Contact Us.