This year, we want to do more than just say Happy Doctor’s Day. We want to identify the ways in which clinicians can improve the lives of their patients through the help of home care services.

These are just five of the many ways we can support doctors:
  1. Decrease the number of canceled appointments, postponed care, and missed or delayed medication use by providing transportation to your patients.
  2. Improve appropriate healthcare utilization and reduce cost, especially for managed and value-based patient populations. An Annals of Internal Medicine study states a lack of non-medical support for older adults costs Medicare over $4 billion annually.
  3. Reduce calls to your office and unnecessary visits by offering companionship and guidance for adherence to medication and care plans.
  4. Prevent unnecessary medical emergencies such as falls and monitor changes in health status to support early detection and interventions.
  5. Optimize clinical outcomes by addressing unmet social needs that lead to disease exacerbation or progression or increased risk for dementia and depression.
The following signs may indicate that a patient would benefit from the support of a professional caregiver.
  1. Complex medical conditions, multiple co-morbidities, or a new disease diagnosis, illness, or injury that impacts the ability to function independently and complete ADLs or IADLs.
  2. Unable to maintain personal hygiene, home cleanliness, or clutter creating safety concerns; frequent bladder or bowel accidents.
  3. Weight loss or gain due to poor nutrition, inability to shop for or prepare food, or misunderstanding of dietary needs and restrictions.
  4. Unsteadiness standing or walking on their own; mobility limitations; bruises or cuts from falls or clumsiness.
  5. Over-reliance on office staff for assistance with medication management, following doctor’s orders or care plan, or lack of a support system to navigate daily care tasks.

Whose life can we help improve? Call or contact us. Our supervisors are available 24/7.