Aging populations face the dilemma of staying in the comforts of their homes but finding themselves faced with the difficulties of day-to-day tasks or relocating themselves to facilities wherein they may get the assistance they need. It is well-studied that older individuals prefer to stay in their own homes and age in place, however, as it is common knowledge, being independent and aging proves to be quite a challenge in maintaining independence in day-to-day living.

Luckily, facilities and institutions have made themselves open and available to home care services to better cater to older individuals’ needs and to assist them as they continue to live their full and independent lives.

Personal Care Services is something Family Resource Home Care, is happy to be your resource for! We value the well-being of our clients and caregivers; thus, we are dedicated to improving more lives. Here are three reasons why you should consider personal care:

1. Staying in touch.

Being at home means being surrounded by neighbors, friends, and loved ones. Maintaining this social network is important because it serves as a source of support and security. Moreover, interacting with the people in the community is part of the daily routine. This enables you to feel rooted and have a sense of belongingness in the community. Stripping this basic human need may be quite an adjustment being relocated and starting from scratch than having the opportunity to maintain your treasured connections back at home.

2. Improved subjective well-being and mental health.

According to research, there is a link between aging at home and subjective well-being. It was implied that stronger ties with the community contribute to this. Being able to maintain social relations in this context is also known to help reduce the risk of depression. According to findings, there is a 70% less chance of cognitive decline for people who had frequent contact.

3. Cutting costs.

Often, relocating can prove to be costly. In contrast with the substantial costs for health services from facilities and institutions, receiving care and assistance from home is less costly. Even with some adjustments needed in the home, it is still a feasible alternative indeed!

Personal care can be the answer to the age-old question of how we get help for seniors. Our flexible care options ensure our clients receive the right amount of care for their needs. Getting started is easy, especially when you get to age in place.

For more information, please contact us! We’re your resource.


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