Family Resource Home Care CEO, Jeff Wiberg, was quoted in the following McKnight’s Home Care article (which originally appeared here) with professional advice on how to grow your home care agency.

To grow…

…providers must be able to turn down initiatives that take them away from their long-term business goals, a home care CEO counseled.

“Being able to say no is one of the most important disciplines that you can have as a business leader,” said Jeff Wiberg, of Family Resource Home Care, a home care firm with 22 locations in the Pacific Northwest. Wiberg spoke last week during a webinar about the importance of organizations changing mindsets to go to the next level. The webinar was the first in a Home Care Association of America Master Class series.

Many organizations unintentionally stunt their growth, Wiberg reasoned. Among the ways they do this is trying to be the “all things” solution. This includes: trying to satisfy too many people, relying too heavily on noncore functions, not having incumbent expertise when launching a new business line and letting unscalable differentiators hold you hostage to your current size. One example of the latter is a nurse who feels the need to see every client every week. (While this time obligation may be best practice, it is not practical for scalability.)

Wiberg also talked about the mistake of a leader not taking time to plan and strategize for the future. (He suggested setting aside one to two hours a week to “treat as sacred.”) And to expand, one person should be in charge of day-to-day duties and another should be in charge of planning and executing on tomorrow.

“The needs of the day will always take up all of the time of today,” Wiberg explained. “If somebody is thinking about tomorrow, they are in a much better position to be able analyze the processes of today and ask the question, are we doing things in an effective way?”

Firms also fall into the traps of not knowing where they want to go, taking their eyes off the ball of key performance indicators (KPIs) and failing to invest in the business to drive it to the next threshold, he said.

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