What is a care plan? Will Family Resource Home Care help develop one?

A care plan is a comprehensive set of instructions – developed by our Client Care Supervisors in collaboration with the client, family, guardian, etc – that outlines the parameters of care that are unique to each individual client. Before services start, we will meet our new client and family at home and have a conversation so we can understand the client’s personal care needs. Our free, comprehensive in-home assessment with the client and family allows us to understand the client on a personal level and the needs they want to be met. This in-home assessment will result in a care plan that details the tasks our caregivers will perform.
Family Resource professionals work hard to make sure your loved one is pleased with their care. The care plan may be updated or modified at any time, with consent from the client or family, in accordance with changes in health or lifestyle that may occur during the course of care. If the caregiver, senior, or family ever has any questions, supervisors are available by phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week.