People of all ages and abilities want to stay safe and independent at home. Many people over the age of 65 are happy and healthy at home, while some experience changes in mental or physical faculties that cause them to grow less independent with age. Others may have more serious illnesses such as cancer, stroke, Parkinson’s, or Alzheimer’s. When complications due to aging or more serious ailments begin to interfere with living self-sufficiently, having an in-home care professional to offer extra help may become necessary.

Home care services are not just for seniors. There are many different scenarios in which home care can improve quality of life. The majority of our clients tend to be seniors with varying health conditions wanting to remain independent at home. However, home care may also be necessary for those needing transportation to or from a surgical procedure, temporary home care following a procedure to facilitate recovery, transitioning from one level of care to another, or people of any age struggling with everyday life due to a chronic illness.