Recognizing the Signs

In the world of caregiving, moments of quick thinking and immediate action can make all the difference. Caregiver, Mak Martinez demonstrated such heroism, earning her the esteemed Lifesaver Award at our Wenatchee Branch. Her story is a testament to the dedication and attentiveness that define exceptional caregiving.

A Routine Day Turned Urgent

Early one morning, Mak noticed that her client was acting unusually and experiencing what she referred to as “shakes.” Recognizing that something was seriously wrong, she immediately contacted the office to request a reassessment for a potential change in condition. Despite the client insisting she felt fine, Mak’s intuition told her otherwise. She knew that these symptoms were not part of the care plan and had never been reported before.

Quick Response and Critical Action

Within ten minutes, the Branch Manager arrived for an observation visit. Upon entering the client’s home, it was clear that the situation was dire—the client was seizing every few seconds. Realizing the urgency, the Branch Manager instructed Mak to call 911 and explain the situation in detail. The prompt arrival of EMS and their subsequent assessment pointed towards a possible stroke, despite the client’s assertions of feeling well. However, the symptoms also suggested potential seizures.

Lifesaving Intervention

The following Monday, the client’s Power of Attorney (POA) called Family Resource Home Care with a crucial update. It turned out that the client had accidentally taken an overdose of her medication by consuming doses too closely together. The shakes and seizures were direct results of this overdose, which had been escalating over hours.

Thanks to Mak’s immediate recognition of abnormal symptoms and her quick decision to seek help, the client’s life was saved. Her vigilance and adherence to protocol ensured that the client received timely medical intervention, preventing what could have been a fatal outcome. This incident also led to Family Resource Home Care collaborating with the case manager to resolve the client’s medication issues, ensuring better safety and care moving forward.

Mak Exemplifying Heroism in Caregiving

Mak’s actions underscore the importance of attentiveness and proactive care in the field of healthcare. Her ability to remain calm under pressure and follow proper protocols exemplifies the qualities of a lifesaving caregiver. It is for these reasons that Mak Martinez has been rightfully honored with the Lifesaver Award. Her story not only highlights the impact that dedicated caregivers can have on their clients’ lives but also serves as an inspiration to all in the caregiving community.

Humility and Dedication

In Mak’s own words, “I just did what I thought was right.” It’s this humility and commitment to her clients’ well-being that make her an invaluable member of our team. Congratulations, Mak, on this well-deserved recognition. Your actions remind us all of the profound difference one person can make.

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