Those of us who work on the management side of the long term care business know a lot about providing continuing education opportunities for our caregivers and staff. But what about us?

Sixteen years ago I participated in the Certificate in Gerontology program run by the UW. It was a terrific program and since receiving my certificate, I’ve been pleased to serve on their advisory board. For those of you already working in the field as well as people in the midst of a career change, I heartily recommend the University of Washington Professional and Continuing Education (UW PCE) Gerontology Program.

In the Certificate in Gerontology program students will:

  • Learn about older adults from the biological, psychological, socio-cultural, and policy and systems perspectives
  • Study a framework to better understand the rapidly growing population of older adults
  • Examine aging from the multiple perspectives of the individual, the family, and society
  • Develop knowledge to better serve older adults in a variety of contexts such as human services, housing, recreation, personal care, health and wellness, and business

For more information about the Certificate in Gerontology see their website at UW Certificate In Gerontology. And please watch this video as UW Gerontology Professor and Dean Emeritus Nancy Hooyman explains the program.