Now that your loved one has agreed to receive caregiver help, you want the find the best caregiving help you can for them. Their caregiver is going to play a prominent role in their life, and yours; not just anyone will do.

Here are five tips to help you get the best caregiving help for your loved one.

Assess your loved one’s needs

You’ll never find the best caregiving help until you decide what your loved one needs. For example, does your parent need someone to administer medications, like giving them shots? In that case, a home health aide may be the best caregiving choice.

Or, do they need companionship care, someone to be with them during the day and read together, watch movies, play games, etc.? If so, an in-home caregiver may be the perfect fit.

There are different types and levels of care; step one is figuring out your requirements.

Create a job description

Once you’ve assessed the needs of your loved one, create a job description listing the services your loved one will need that you can show to home care agencies and caregivers you’re considering hiring.

Home care services you might include are:

  • Personal care
  • Meal preparation
  • Errands and transportation
  • Companion care
  • Light housekeeping
  • Dementia and Alzheimer’s care
  • Respite care
  • Live-in care

Figure out how often you need help?

Now that you know what your caregiver’s responsibilities will be when they’re with your loved one, you need to decide how often you’ll need them there. Will the best caregiver for you be one who provides respite care, allowing you to take some time off to rest and recharge your batteries so you can be your best for your loved one?

Or, do you need someone’s help for just a few hours a day? A few hours per week? 24-hour live-in care? The best caregiving help will be there as often as you need them.

Determine where you’re going to find your caregiving help

Are you going to locate your caregiver through a referral from a friend? Through a social media group? By placing an ad and interviewing candidates? Or by working with a home care agency?

Most people find the best caregivers through agencies. Agencies have many advantages over hiring a caregiver on your own, including:

  • Screening, hiring/firing, paying the caregiver, insurance, and taxes are handled by an agency, making your life much less complicated.
    (Note: Some agencies work as “employment agencies,” and their workers are contractors, not agency employees. Be clear on what the agency covers, e.g., payroll, liability insurance, worker’s compensation insurance, unemployment insurance. Ask to see proof of their insurance).
  • Agencies employ caregivers with various skills and can match your loved one with someone who can provide the type of care or help they specifically need.
  • Agencies accommodate schedules that might be inconsistent or unpredictable at times.
  • If a caregiver is sick or goes on vacation, an agency provides a substitute.
  • If a caregiver isn’t the right fit, the agency takes responsibility for replacing them.

Involve your loved ones in selecting their caregiving help

Having your parent or loved one participate in interviewing home care agencies and caregivers will play a large part in finding the best caregiving help. Your loved one is much more likely to adapt easily to a caregiver they helped choose, and it increases the chances that they’ll be comfortable and compatible with their caregiver for the long term.

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