In 2000, when Family Resource was still a fairly small company, Maria Holt was hired as a caregiver manager. “Maria was the 5th person in our tiny first office,” recalls David Lawrence, CEO. “The only place we had for her to work was a small folding table in the hallway.” The company continued to grow, and four years later, when the Bellevue Branch opened, Maria was selected to serve as the first Branch Manager. Two years later, Maria’s fourth child was born and her family moved to Wenatchee where she worked in marketing for a home health agency, later becoming the agency’s program director. Early last year when Maria’s family moved back to the Seattle area, Family Resource was delighted to hire her back when the position of Tacoma Branch Manager became available. “I’m so happy to be back,” said Maria. “I enjoy all aspects of my job and I want to stay here until I retire.”

From the time she was a young girl, Maria spent time with the elderly. Her mother worked as a geriatric nurse in a nursing home and Maria and her younger sister would accompany her when she went into the office on weekends to finish up paperwork. Maria remembers the patients in the home reaching out and calling to her, and even at that age Maria recalls feeling that the people there were hungry for human contact. She enjoyed hearing their stories and particularly remembers one older lady with dementia with whom she and her sister would have tea parties.

Maria was always interested in the medical field and has completed a number of certificate programs in the field of caregiving. Early in her career she worked in medical offices and for home health agencies but it wasn’t until she found Family Resource that she saw what a home care agency can really do for its clients, their families and the caregivers. “I was so excited about what Family Resource was doing,” said Maria. “It was clear to me that there was a commitment to be of service to people. I saw how the company cared about their clients and staff. From the very beginning it felt like a family, working together toward a common goal.”

One thing Maria particularly appreciates about Family Resource is its emphasis on communication and team work. “No one ever says that’s not my job, at Family Resource. There’s not a job that any of us would not jump in to do if asked. There’s no place for egos here. Everyone understands the importance of working together for the good of our clients, their families and each other.”

Maria knows a lot about working as a team member. As a mom to four children ages 8 – 19, she’s literally the team captain in her own home. In addition, she serves as team mom for her son’s football team and as assistant troop leader for her daughter’s Brownie troop. When not working, she’s busy supporting her kid’s school activities and spending time outdoors with her family.