Growing up in a small town in Wyoming, Isabel Kelly was much valued by her neighbors as a great sitter ― a grandparent sitter! “I was never asked to do babysitting,” recalls Isabel, “but from a young age I was often hired to stay with a neighbor’s elderly parent or grandparent when the family caregiver was working or out for the evening. I’d also get hired to help out with parties and when I was 12, I lived with our neighbors a few days a week to help with their older family members. I guess I just always wanted to work.”

Over the coming years Isabel married (twice), ran a dry cleaning plant, managed apartment buildings and lived in such diverse places as Wyoming, Seattle, Palm Springs, and Phoenix. It was in Phoenix that Isabel, needing a job, returned to her first interest as a young person, caregiving for the elderly. When her 2nd husband became ill, Isabel cared for him, and later, after he died, she moved to Seattle and looked for caregiver jobs. She has been with FRHC for 7 years.

Isabel currently has 2 clients. “I really like working with them,” said Isabel. “It’s rewarding because they need you so much and they’re so thankful and sweet. I just want to take care of them well so that they will still be on this earth the next day.”

As much as Isabel loves her clients, they love her back. Our Bellevue office recently received a letter from the family of one of Isabel’s clients. In it the client’s daughter wrote:

Isabel is a real gem. She’s really encouraging and motivates Mom to do her exercises, drink lots of water or take a few minutes to sit in the sun. We’re impressed with her attention to detail and wanting to go “above and beyond” to please Mom. One example is that Mom’s feet have poor circulation and get cold. Isabel warms a towel and wraps her feet in them before mom takes a morning nap. She has great, healthy ideas for meal preparation, like quinoa salad. Isabel always arrives on time. She has a positive, upbeat attitude and I think it lifts Mom’s spirits when Isabel is around. She’s a great conversationalist. She takes initiative to do laundry, empty the dishwasher, empty the garbage on her way out and do other light cleaning without being asked. She always leaves the kitchen sparkling and is very conscientious about germs and hand hygiene. Mom and I are so lucky to have her.

Isabel is grateful to Family Resource for the support she receives and for the kind and caring way we treat our caregivers. And we are grateful to Isabel and all of our caregivers for the wonderful job they do with our clients. Our caregivers truly are the face and heart of Family Resource Home Care.