Caroline (Carol) Bugo grew up in Kenya where she had her first caregiving experience with her grandmother. In Kenya, she worked as a phlebotomist but in 2005 decided to move to the United States. She landed in Boston where she had a friend and because of her positive experience caring for her grandmother, decided to become a caregiver. She found a job with an agency and stayed in Boston until she’d finally had enough of the cold weather and moved to Seattle in 2013. She heard about Family Resource Home Care, contacted us, and within days was hired. Carol has been with FRHC for 3 ½ years and in that time has had two clients and earned the appreciation and respect of her supervisors.

“I love Seattle and I love being a caregiver because you can really bond with your client,” said Carol. “It’s a very nice job and I feel lucky to work at Family Resource because everyone is so nice and the supervisors are kind and helpful.”

Carol’s Clients

“I was with my first client for 3 years, until she passed away,” Carol continued. “It took awhile for her to get comfortable with me because she did not like black people.  At first, she refused to let me go near her so I would just stand by the door. She would say ‘I keep telling you to leave but you’re still here.’  I would just tell her that I am here to help and I’m not leaving so she might as well let me help her. Finally, she got used to me and we bonded and became very close. She would tell me ‘You are my family. You are the one who is here with me.’ At the end, when she was dying, she called her son John and told him, ‘I always wanted a daughter but I just had sons. Take care of Carol. She is your sister.’  My client passed away 4 months ago but John still calls to see how I am.”

Carol has been with her second client since September. “She has dementia but is so sweet,” Carol says. “She lives in a retirement home and I try to keep her active. Now that the weather is cold she likes to sit by the fireplace and just watch the fire. I take her to the dining room and the hairdresser and sometimes to an activity. In the late afternoon when she is sundowning she wanders. She says she needs to go see her family so I call one of her daughters on the phone. Talking to her daughter calms her. “

Carol Bugo is that special kind of caregiver who is truly there for her clients. She is loving and patient and has a way of knowing just what her client needs. FRHC is lucky to have her on our team.