Seattle caregiver Carolina Makio got the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine last week and spoke with Family Resource Home Care about her experience. She enthusiastically agreed to chat with us in the hopes of easing any fears people might have about the vaccine and to encourage others to get it so we may all help protect our communities.

When asked why she chose to get the vaccine, Carolina emphatically stated that “prevention is better than a cure”. She added, “Even if you get the disease, it’ll be much worse than if you’ve gotten the vaccine.” Carolina felt as if she had enough information to know that getting the vaccine was the right decision. As such, she wasn’t at all afraid. In terms of side effects, Carolina felt tired all day after getting the vaccine. She rested, and let her immune system build the antibodies for the virus. The very next day, she felt fine and hasn’t since noticed any other side effects.

“I feel good – more secure”, Carolina says. She knows it’s more dangerous to care for her clients without the vaccine, so she feels much better about getting it and knowing she can more safely care for her clients. When Carolina’s friends and family ask her about the vaccine, she feels, “I can encourage them to get it since I got it and have no side effects.”

To others who might be afraid of getting the COVID vaccine, Carolina gently stated, “Don’t be scared. There is no danger for the vaccine.” And if you’re nervous about getting it, she says it can’t hurt to take some vitamin B, C, and D to boost your immune system for the vaccine to do its job.

Carolina is scheduled to get the second dose of the vaccine in three weeks. She is very excited to have more protection against the virus and to do her part in helping make our communities safer.

Curious about the vaccine? Here is a wonderful website with information, testimonials, and stories about caregivers who have gotten the COVID-19 vaccine.