Living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia can become challenging, both for the patient and their loved ones. As the disease progresses, unique care needs change, which can cause a range of physical and mental complications. Often, there comes a time when additional help and expertise is needed.

It is crucial for someone with dementia to receive individualized care in a familiar setting as these have very positive effects on mood and general well-being. For this reason, in-home care is a great option for maintaining safety, comfort, and independence in the home.

Family Resource Home Care specializes in caring for those living with Alzheimer’s and other dementias. Below are just five reasons why we are an excellent resource for this line of care.

  1. Our caregivers are specially trained and experienced in working with seniors with dementia. From the early stages to the greater impacted, our caregivers provide thorough and dignified care with compassion, professionalism, and sensitivity.
  2. We provide respite care to family members who may be overwhelmed or need specialized assistance for their loved one. At a certain stage, family caregiver(s) may require an extra level of care to manage their own personal lives, and more expertise as care needs become more complex.
  3. We offer companionship as a service. This includes socializing, playing games, taking walks, and other activities proven to help those with dementia or Alzheimer’s. Seeing a familiar face on a regular basis can also help those with dementia feel more at ease.
  4. Our meal planning and preparation helps maintain a healthy, balanced diet that is unique to personal dietary needs. This service extends to grocery shopping as well as errand runs and prescription pick-ups.
  5. We assist with crucial daily activities such as bathing, grooming, toileting, and medication reminders. Included in our personal care services are improving safety in the home, such as removing rugs that may be tripping hazards, or moving furniture to create more space to prevent falls or preventable injuries.

To learn more about Family Resource Home Care’s Alzheimer’s and dementia care, please visit our website. Feel free to call or contact us anytime with questions, or if you just need a resource.

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