Issues regarding mental health have long-proceeded the COVID-19 outbreak. However, prolonged social isolation, fear, and anxiety caused by the coronavirus pandemic are collectively exacerbating people’s emotional health on a massive scale. Seniors are some of the most drastically impacted as a demographic that already tends to be more socially isolated. Family Resource Home Care has decades of experience helping clients with mental health struggles, and we continue to update our protocols to ensure the safety of our clients and staff during this pandemic.

If you have concerns about the mental health of your loved ones, patients, friends, or neighbors, we’re your resource. Here are 5 ways Family Resource can help:

  1. We offer companionship as a service.
  2. We provide respite care for families struggling with caring for a loved one at home.
    • Our clients are not the only ones who benefit from our services. Family and friends can benefit from knowing their loved one is cared for by a skilled, compassionate caregiver as well as with time off to dedicate to their personal well-being.
  3. We run errands such as grocery shopping to help eliminate the fear of exposure to infection in public settings.
    • Our primary goal is to keep our clients safe and comfortable at home. We aim to reduce the risk of viral exposure by helping clients with outside tasks such as errands and grocery runs.
  4. We can engage with clients in pleasurable activities such as gardening, reading, games, or music.
    • Research shows that physical activities, especially exercise, can help alleviate and even improve symptoms of depression. We tailor our care plans to the unique needs of our clients and can engage them in the activities they enjoy most.
  5. We offer live-in care as an alternative to group living facilities to reduce the risk of communicable diseases.
    • Our around-the-clock live-in care keeps clients safe and comfortable at home with the same level of attention as an assisted living facility, while reducing the risk of contact and potential infection by additional staff, guests, or other residents.

To learn more about our services, call or contact us anytime. Our supervisors are available 24/7 to answer any questions or provide counsel.