Helping seniors and others remain independent are what we do at Family Resource Home Care. There are numerous ways in which Family Resource helps our clients maintain independence, dignity, and comfort in their own homes. The goal of everything we do is to provide people with reliable in-home care and companionship so that they can continue to live at home in safety and comfort.

Here are just 5 reasons why maintaining independence is so important:
  1. Loss of independence is proven to lead to increased depression among seniors. Depression can lead to other health issues.
  2. Physical movement and social interaction are shown to increase blood flow to the brain, which helps fend off dementia. Home care helps with both of these.
  3. Nearly every 15 seconds a senior is treated in the ER for injuries related to falls – a leading cause of loss of independence. Caregivers can help prevent falls and accidents.
  4. Studies show that seniors fear losing independence more than even dying.
  5. Day or night, our caregivers continue to support seniors and their independence at home. Our flexibility in scheduling allows you to fully personalize your care needs.

If you have any questions about home care, our services, or your unique situation, please Contact Us or call 800.775.6380.