Family Resource Home Care Provides Quality Companion Care Services

companion care services seattleAlmost all of us need other people in our lives for social and emotional well-being.

If you have an aging loved one living alone and having difficulty remaining independent, they may benefit from Family Resource Companion Care, in addition to housekeeping and personal care assistance. Research shows that seniors who enjoy regular social interaction lead richer lives, have a lower risk of mortality, better physical and mental health, and are less prone to cognitive decline.

Find out more about establishing quality Companion Care for your senior loved one with Family Resource Home Care.

What Is Companion Care?

Companion Care from Family Resource Home Care offers a personal connection to seniors who want or could benefit from more interaction in their day-to-day lives.

Even healthy seniors who are able to take care of themselves may just need a caring person to visit them daily or a few times a week to offer conversation, social activities, and encouragement. This can help reduce the sense of isolation, ward off depression and feelings of loneliness, and provide positive health benefits.

All Family Resource Home Care clients receive Companion Care – it is simply part of what our caregivers do while in the home. Since we believe so strongly in establishing and maintaining a good relationship with our client families, we only hire and work with caregivers who are genuinely kind, committed, and caring individuals. By the way, all our caregivers are fluent in English.

In addition to simply being available for companionship and conversation, examples of Companion Care might include:

  • Accompanying senior on errands and with shopping
  • Escorting senior to medical and other appointments
  • Providing a companion for travel and out-of-town visits
  • Making appointments and providing assistance with correspondence
  • Accompanying senior to social activities and other outings
  • Pet Care
  • Playing games or doing home projects
  • Gardening, scrapbooking, and other hobbies
  • Other activities based on interest and need

How Do We Establish Companion Care Services?

At Family Resource Home Care, we start by listening.

Every client and family is different and has their own story to tell.

  • We learn all we can about the senior from their health history to current lifestyle, interests, and concerns.
  • We work with the senior to determine what goals are important to them and what needs they have.
  • We’ll also talk to family members to learn more and build a complete understanding of the client.

Nowhere is it more important to have a good personality match between client and caregiver than with Companion Care.

During the in-home assessment, our client care supervisors are getting to know our new client and family and answering some basic questions as to who might be a good match. Would your loved one prefer someone who is quiet and reserved, or more talkative? Someone best for a structured routine, or who is more creative and flexible?

In our over 20 years of experience, we have found that there is a good match for every client, someone who can not only perform the personal care and housekeeping services your loved one needs, but also be a trusted, caring, and devoted companion.

The Best Companion Care Keeps Seniors Independent and Happy in Their Home

The team at Family Resource Home Care is committed to providing the best quality Companion Care to keep seniors active and independent. Our Companion Care services are customized to the needs and desires of each client, and are designed to achieve the quality of life they seek.

Our caregivers are experienced and highly qualified, and they offer attentive and caring companion services. Click here to contact us, or call (866) 545-1092 to find out more and schedule an in-home consultation about Companion Care.