Family Resource Home Care Response to November COVID-19 Surge
November 16, 2020


Dear Clients, Family Members, and Loved Ones,

As our country is confronted with surging COVID-19 cases again, we wish to update you on our procedures designed to keep you safe. We have stayed committed to the same infection-prevention protocols since the beginning of the outbreak in early 2020. Our highest priority is the health of our clients, their families, and our employees. We appreciate the opportunity to offer solutions to meet your individual needs.

Important Information about Family Resource Home Care and COVID-19:
  1. Home Care is an essential activity and caregivers are exempt from stay home orders. We are fully operational and prepared to provide care and service to you.
  2. All caregivers are required to complete an electronic screening prior to starting client care. Caregivers electronically self-report symptoms or possible virus exposure. Alerts are immediately sent to the office to ensure an at-risk caregiver doesn’t start a shift.
  3. All caregivers have access to disposable masks, gloves, gowns, eye goggles. They are instructed to not re-use masks or other supplies with multiple clients/shifts.
  4. All caregivers are to follow our infection prevention procedures and take extra caution with hand washing, sanitizer use, disinfecting spray and wipes, respiratory etiquette, and not working if sick.
  5. Employees are required to stay home if they have known or even suspected exposure to the COVID virus. We immediately cancel shifts for such caregivers, notify clients and colleagues, and follow required isolation periods.
  6. We actively monitor and adhere to all CDC and local guidelines related to COVID-19.
  7. All caregivers receive specialized education about COVID-19.
  8. For facilities, group living, or rehab environments in which we care for clients, we adhere to the facility’s regulations.
  9. We have updated all staff members this week about this latest surge in cases, re-emphasizing our procedures, and encouraging extra caution during this surge.
  10. While no in-person contact is entirely without risk, one-on-one home care remains the single safest method of long-term care for seniors and others. In addition, home care is a solution to helping fragile populations isolate, by reducing time outside of the home and avoiding congregate living environments.

Home care services help prevent secondary medical emergencies that can require a hospital visit such as falls, dehydration, missed medication, and pressure ulcers. We’ve also seen the news about the devastating effects that isolation due to COVID-19 has had on our country’s seniors, especially those with dementia. We are passionate about helping to reduce this isolation – particularly during the holidays – with the personal connection a caregiver can provide. We know engaging with outside caregivers during this time isn’t always an easy decision. We take the responsibility to keep our clients safe and healthy very seriously. We continue to encourage each family and client to consider their own risk factors.

If you or your loved one have underlying health issues that could potentially make exposure to the coronavirus deadly, we understand you may wish to suspend home care services for a time. We are happy to explore ways to continue to support you, such as porch drop-offs of food or medication, daily check-in or companionship calls, or to simply resume care at a time deemed to be right for you. Continuing home care services might be critical to ensuring your health and safety, but no clear guidelines exist in these circumstances and each situation is unique.

Our responsibility and commitment to you is also far from over. Throughout this crisis, we’ve taken appropriate precautions to best care for our clients and minimize the spread of COVID-19, while also communicating transparently. Because of your trust, we are grateful and proud that during this entire crisis, Family Resource hasn’t laid off any office employees or caregivers. In fact, because home care has been identified as a solution to this crisis, we’ve been hard at work to meet the increase in demand for our services.

We hope you find this update valuable. While the months ahead remain somewhat uncertain, our appreciation, support, and dedication to you are unwavering. We are honored to be the resource that you have selected to support you in achieving or maintaining independence and quality of life. We will keep you updated should changes to this situation occur. We invite you to reach out to our office with any specific questions.