Dear FRHC Care Professionals,

As you may have heard over the last few days, the state of Washington issued a proclamation that all
health care providers must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by October 18, 2021. This mandate
currently does not include individuals providing personal care services in a private home setting. It
does include our care professionals providing services in facilities, adult family homes, and more.

Our highest priority is the health of our clients, their families, and our employees. Our state and
country are facing a very serious shortage of caregivers and our goal is keep as many caregivers
working as possible to serve the ever-increasing demand for our services. Throughout the pandemic,
home care has proven to be the safest place to receive care for seniors and high-risk individuals, due in
part to your efforts in infection control. We continue to believe that the efforts we are taking currently
provide for a safe environment for our clients and employees. As such, we have decided that although
we strongly recommend receiving the vaccine, at this time, we will NOT mandate it company-wide. To
comply with state law, we will be creating what we call the “C-19V Facility Approved” program. This is
an internal employment classification that allows FRHC Administrative Staff to identify employees who
have either been vaccinated or have been granted an accommodation due to a medical condition or
sincerely held religious belief. When either:

1) documentation of vaccination received at least 2 weeks prior, or
2) an approved accommodation

are on file with HR, employees will be classified as “C-19V Facility Approved” allowing them to work
shifts with clients who reside in Health Care Settings in the state of Washington and Oregon. These
documents will be held within the HR department and stored your confidential/medical file. We’ve
attached a FAQ Sheet and written policy for reference.

Regardless of your decision to participate in the program or not, please review and remember the
• Masks: Masks are required to be worn at all times while with your client. Even if you are
vaccinated. You should change your mask after every shift. 1 mask, 1 shift!
• PPE: We are consistently monitoring our PPE stock and working to acquire additional PPE. If you
are low on masks, gloves, or any other PPE, please contact your office and arrange to acquire
• Infection Control: Please ensure you are washing your hands frequently, using hand sanitizer,
staying home when sick or exposed, etc.
• Symptom monitoring: Please contact the office and stay home if you are ill. We also ask that
you diligently answer the COVID-19 screening questions that you are prompted with during
• Vaccine disclosure: Should your client ask you if you are vaccinated, you are not required to
share that information. Vaccination status is considered your private health information. Please
let them know our company cannot legally disclose that information and if they have any
questions, they can contact the office.

As always, we are eternally grateful for the hard work and care you provide for our clients. Please
know that wish to be a support to you throughout this difficult, everchanging time. Please contact your
branch or HR with any questions or concerns. We will keep you updated should changes to this
situation occur. We invite you to reach out to us with any specific questions.