Respite Care

Respite Care gives a family caregiver time off from the care they provide to their loved one, allowing them to rest and take care of personal business.

The best Respite Care meets the needs of the client and their primary caregiver(s)

Helping families is at the core of what we do at Family Resource Home Care. When we provide Respite Care services to an elderly or disabled client, we understand that our client is not the only one who benefits. Their family and friends also benefit from the peace of mind of knowing their loved one is well-cared-for by a skilled, compassionate caregiver.

Family members also benefit from having a health care worker doing the heaviest load of caregiving, freeing up family members to spend quality time visiting with their loved one. The idea of a family as the client is never more true than when it comes to providing Respite Care.

What does Respite Care entail?

Respite Care is generally offered in one of two forms, either as a regularly scheduled respite shift or on an as-needed or emergency basis.

Regularly Scheduled Respite Shift:

When the need for Respite Care is anticipated, families often find that it is helpful to schedule it as an on-going shift (daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly from 2-24 hours). Knowing that a respite caregiver is scheduled, and a break is forthcoming, can be just what the primary caregiver needs to know in order to get through the day. When Respite Care is scheduled on a regular basis, a home care agency such as Family Resource will do its best to assure that the client has the same caregiver each visit.

Emergency or As-Needed Respite Care:

Sometimes the need for Respite Care cannot be anticipated. Perhaps the primary caregiver becomes ill or needs to tend to another family member’s needs. Or they just wake up one morning feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. When these situations occur, Family Resource will find a caregiver to meet the immediate needs of the family.

Whether the caregiver is providing Respite Care during a regularly scheduled shift or whether the caregiver has come to the client on an emergency or as-needed basis, the caregiver is trained to assist their client with all the tasks on the care plan. This includes morning and bedtime routines, plus personal care tasks throughout the day such as bathing, toileting, grooming, dressing, mobility, transfers, and assists.
Respite caregivers will also offer medication reminders, do Light Housekeeping and laundry, provide Transportation and shoppingprepare meals, and offer Companionship and supervision. Respite caregivers will work closely with the primary caregiver to make the transition as seamless and satisfactory as possible for the client.

At Family Resource Home Care, we provide Respite Care to dozens of families every day.

Why choose Respite Care?

The demands of family caregiving can be exhausting. Even those who are extremely devoted to caring for their loved ones need time off from the demands of caregiving and some time to care for themselves. Sons and daughters looking after parents from a distance have their own family, careers, and lives to attend to. They may find that there simply are not enough hours in the day to do what needs to be done. Elderly couples caring for each other may have limited resources to attend to the physical demands of caregiving, placing stress on their own health and well-being.

The team at Family Resource Home Care is committed to providing the best quality Respite Care to meet the unique needs of the primary caregiver(s) and their loved one.

How do we establish Respite Care services?

After the initial assessment is complete and the family approves the care plan, we are ready to go. We then look to our pool of qualified caregivers to find the one whose schedule and personality will best meet the needs of the client.

Every one of our trained caregivers is carefully selected and screened with thorough background checks, required references, and an in-depth interview. We only work with caregivers who are genuinely compassionate and care about their clients. When we are asked to provide a caregiver on an emergency basis, we will find a qualified caregiver who can get to the client’s home as soon as possible.