Without a doubt Mary’s caregiver growth story is phenomenal. Anyone can see that Mary Lute is one of the happiest people you’ll ever meet. She is Family Resource Home Care’s Business Development Manager for the Tri-Cities/Palouse/Walla Walla/Yakima/Pendleton. She will tell you she attributes it to having the job she looks forward to every day. “It’s an honor in itself! When you work for Family Resource Home Care, you are family forever.” Mary truly captures what Family Resource Home Care represents. She’s passionately diligent and compassionate in every aspect of her work.

Purpose in caregiver growth

Starting out as a caregiver to supplement her other job, she fell in love with the purpose behind her work. Mary felt she this was her calling and looked forward to each shift as she loved every one of her clients. Working at FRHC’s Tri-Cities branch, she could also consistently depend on the branch’s support. Jackie Zakrajsek, the branch manager at the time (now the company’s Regional Vice President for Oregon) treated her like family. Mary fondly recalls what hooked her–how she could walk in any time of the day, and everyone in the office would ask her how she was doing and simply spend time to get to know her. Jackie would invite her into her office to find out how they could help, and encourage her, calling her a rockstar caregiver. Mary felt recognized and valued.

Feeling heard and valued

This sense of family continued into her growth with the company. She worked on and off with FRHC as a caregiver, but each time she came back, they welcomed her with open arms. When Mary saw the open position for a Business Development Manager, she was encouraged to apply and was thrilled to get the job, emphasizing she wanted it because she believes in the product. Being able to use her talents for an incredible purpose helping families support their loved ones during a time most often stressful.

Happy job, happy family

Mary also shared how her little granddaughter commented on how she seemed so happy—“happy happy”—to be exact. It hit her how she didn’t have to come home and decompress like she did with other jobs. Like many employees who meet and work with executive staff, she was nervous to meet FRHC’s, but that anxiety was quickly dispelled when she was immediately welcomed like family yet again. “I can call anyone, knowing the lines of communication are always open.” Mary shared her words of advice to anyone looking for a job with a company that truly embraces individuals and encourages growth, “Come and try it out! If you’re wanting a few hours or a full-time schedule, you will have the entire company’s support behind you. They genuinely care about matching your personality with the right client and want you to have full job satisfaction. You’re family for life!”

Caregiver Growth

Mary Lute’s story highlights the importance of caregiver growth and the impact it can have on both personal and professional life. Mary’s experience at Family Resource Home Care exemplifies how a sense of belonging and value can contribute to job satisfaction and overall happiness. The support and recognition Mary received at FRHC not only encouraged her to pursue a new role but also helped her excel in it. Mary’s advice to potential job seekers to come and try it out at FRHC is a testament to the company’s commitment to its employees and their growth. It’s clear that FRHC’s culture of compassion and support makes a significant difference in the lives of both caregivers and clients alike.

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