Each year is a fresh start.

Is this the year to start planning senior care for a loved one? If so, here are some quick tips on how to have those conversations.

1. Start these conversations soon.

Having a fresh plan for the course of care your loved one needs or will need if circumstances change can be very helpful in guiding families through hard decisions. If there is a plan in place, then families can step through each phase of care gracefully.

2. Be prepared and open to having multiple conversations.

These conversations are hard and require a lot of planning, preparation, and speaking through tough topics. A plan won’t be finalized in one conversation, be prepared to talk multiple times about care.

3. Keep an open mind to the wants of your loved one.

As families, we do a lot of research and have our own opinions, but sometimes it’s best to take a beat and hear what your loved one wants. If they feel like they are getting what they want or having to make a small compromise instead of a huge one, then it will be more apt to go smoothly.

4. Listen.

Sometimes this can be hard to do when you feel like you may know the best course of action for your loved one but being open to listening and hearing can help any conversation be more fluid.

5. Use evidence.

Browse the web and research options for your loved one and use research or reviews as your evidence to back your thoughts. Ask people you know that have had home care services for their opinions and insight. They can provide a lot of resources too, and add credibility to your research.

6. Ask questions like what is important to them? What if we can no longer care for you?

To create a seamless plan, it’s important to ask your loved one the “what if” questions to see if they have already thought about these scenarios. If they haven’t, this is the perfect time to talk about how they feel about these “what ifs”.

7. Write down notes as you go and refer to them in later conversations.

This will help lessen confusion throughout multiple questions and create a concrete plan. This might take a few drafts, but keeping all of the most important topics in writing will help focus each conversation.

8. Discuss options.

There are plenty of options for senior care, make sure you look into all of them to offer suggestions and advice for each option.

9. Give yourself grace.

Be patient with yourself and know that this is a hard topic to discuss with anyone, especially a loved one that you care for.


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