“I was especially pleased with the positive and respectful attitude of everyone I dealt with at Family Resource Home Care.”

Margaret Sandelin

“The caregiver was understanding and would always help me with what I needed the most.”

Melbaruth Melott

“The caregivers were extremely kind and respectful and attentive. You must do a superb job hiring and training.”

Pam Wilder

“The caregivers were very caring. It really seemed as though they were there as Mom’s friends rather than just because it was their job.”

“You made Mom’s life better by making it possible for her to continue to live in her own house.”

Paul Elliott

“Going the extra measure to really show the person still had their dignity and individuality was especially important. Also the honesty and caring throughout the process was most welcome at a difficult time.”

“Keep doing what you are doing best.”

Michael Tennermann

“The caregivers were awesome caring for Mom. My highest regards and appreciation to them both!!”

Mark Larson

“The caregivers, Marie, Cora, Olga and Gloria, were fantastic and provided dedicated, loving care.”

Hobie Stebbins

“The caregiver was extremely dependable, compassionate, proactive, an impeccable house cleaner and excellent cook. She is the reason for my mother not needing to go into a care facility sooner.”

Susan Grainer

“The initial interview captured the important elements as to what type of care we were seeking, the dynamics of our family, etc. Her assessment was extremely accurate.”

“The caregiver you provided, David Mburu, was outstanding – warm, patient, knowledgeable, adaptable.”

Jean Cooney

“The service from Charlie (caregiver) was outstanding.”

“Thank you for great service!”

Joe Herron

“Both Bella and Terry were so kind, caring and compassionate with Dad. They both went the extra mile for us.”

“You are a first class organization.”

Carol Scharz Fairey

“Grace and Selamawit were wonderful caregivers. Kind. Competent. Fun to have in the house.”

“Having the caregivers at night allowed us to get the rest we needed to care for Mom during the day.”

“Thank you for making this difficult time easier.”

Sherry Ettel

“Lito and Daniel, who provided care were standouts.”

“We were most appreciative of the excellent care provided by your agency. It made my husband’s last days better – and you gave me the peace of mind to continue my own work in my medical practice. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to my own patients.”

Linda Gromko, MD

“Norma cared for my father. He and my mother loved her kind, caring, gentle attitude.”

“Thank you (Trish) for your kindness and help when I called…I was frantic and overwhelmed with the sad situation. I will always appreciate your calmness in my need for help.”

Terri Virant

“I was so impressed by everyone.”

“We were especially pleased with your reliability, intelligence of workers and the excellent administrators – so impressive.”

“Love the fact that you’re a local company.”

Jan Albright

“Thank you for all your compassionate care toward Mom and us. All the helpers were wonderful.”

Renstrom Family

“If the rest of America’s service organizations had the same level of customer service as provided by Family Resource, our economy would not be in its present state.”

“Well done and thank you for your service and care.”

Ruth Dzivak

“With the night time help, I felt totally at ease and confident enough to be able to get my much needed sleep at night.”

“This service is truly a God send.
Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!”

Chris Wiitanen

“Caregivers, Cenen and Doris, were professional, compassionate and cheerful. They worked extremely well with both home health nurses and family caregivers.”

“Your caregivers provided much needed support during a very difficult end-of-life situation with my wife. With their kind and compassionate care and assistance, I was able to honor my wife’s desire to live her final days at home.”

Dean Michelson

“The caregivers were wonderful!”

“Thank you. You helped give my uncle the best quality of life in his last day – as high as it could be under the conditions we had. That meant a lot to him and his family!”

Rob Steil

“I was very pleased with the systems in place that insured quality workers, good matches with clients, appropriate response in emergencies, continuation of coverage even with illness, emergencies, etc. and friendliness of all Family Resource staff and workers.”

“Family Resource was ideal for us. You all were so supportive on every level.”

“The caregivers all cared for Liz in their own way and she felt safe, supported and cared for.”

Annie and Elizabeth Ravenscroft

“We were pleased with everything the providers did. Jack looked forward to seeing the caregivers.”

“I was totally pleased with the help the girls (caregivers) did. I’ll miss them.”

Lorraine Warren

“I was especially pleased with the professionalism and love extended by Flor (caregiver).”

“Without question, I would use your services again if we were ever in the same need; the care, professionalism and responsiveness were impressive.”

“Family Resource Home Care met, and greatly exceeded, our expectations. Thank you.”

Barbara Schettler Moffit

“Both caregivers treated mother with respect and were a great help to both of us. They both became like family members to my mom.”

“I can’t begin to express my appreciation for your services. The caregivers made a big difference in both mine and my mother’s life.”

Margaret Bouniol

“The caregiver was very warm and open about learning what Dad needed and we had great confidence in him.”

“We felt the caregivers really cared about Dad and were working to help both him and us.”

“We really appreciated your willingness to get things right and respond quickly to our needs.”

Anonymous (Client Family)

“The caregiver became very aware of Mom’s needs and could support her in multiple ways.”

“The caregiver became an advocate for Mom.”

Ann Thompson

“The caregiver was extra special. Very kind, thoughtful, punctual and great with people.”


“The assessment was outstanding in every detail.”
“The caregiver seemed to know intuitively what needed to be done. He had great suggestions that I hadn’t thought of.”

Kathleen Mason

“Everything has been first class. Your services speak volumes about commitment and care.”

“What a blessing the services of your quality company were for both our father and mother. It was great comfort to us to know that in addition to our visits other caring individuals were coming to spend time with our parents. You are a first class operation!”

Fred McCarthy

“Scheduling was always so easy to change and holiday coverage was great.”

“The caregiver is terrific! She is what every caregiver should be – kind, open, honest and she had Mom’s best interests in mind at all times.”

Ruth Durham

“Overall you were angels for us. To see that person coming and know for those hours they would lend support and care. It relieved my mind, as a daughter, a care giver and main support person. It made a difficult time bearable – Thank you.”

Anonymous client

“In all you do, you’ve made our lives so much better, making it possible to stay in our home.”

“Keep hiring the same quality of people who have made each day better for us.”

Robert and Julia Jensen

“I was especially pleased with my caregiver’s attitude. She was very friendly, pleasant, and accommodating.”

Dr. Lillian Robinson

“You are a very compassionate company.”

“Patrick was absolutely the best. He was so kind and wonderful.”

“I will recommend your company to anyone who requires these services.”

Ronald “Leon” Barnes

“Lito (my caregiver) was excellent! He was on time, friendly, patient, conversant, and worked quickly and thoroughly.”

Barbara Hadly for Jane Blackman

“I can’t think of anything you could have done better helping me after my total hip replacement.”

Gordon Grant

“It was such a pleasure to work with your company.”

“Special thumbs up to my caregiver, Madonna McDaniel. She was a joy to have around.”

Nancy Ziegler

“You are all great. The care and consideration and kindness of your caregivers was outstanding.”

Gordon Quinn

“I think you provide excellent services and considerate employees. Our experience was totally satisfactory.”

Helene G. Willis

“Thanks for all your company offers to seniors in need of care.”

Doug Coleman

“Everyone was extremely professional, caring, and wonderful with mom, as well as with my sisters and myself. The three of us were very stressed, and all of the women working in the home were patient with us. Thanks so much.”

Barbara Beduyan

“I’m just impressed with all our caregivers. They really cared for my husband with very polite manner. When you need a caregiver, Family Resource is the first place to call. Thank you so much for your services.”

Maxie Edwards