Family Resource Home Care Provides Quality Personal Care Assistance

personal care services seattleAlong with housekeeping and companion care, Personal Care Assistance is the service most often requested by families considering home care for their aging loved one.

Personal Care, often referred to as assistance with the “Activities of Daily Living” (ADLs), is vital to a senior’s ability to remain at home safely and comfortably. Personal care assistance from Family Resource Home Care can prevent falls and other accidents, enable mobility, ensure cleanliness and hygiene, and allow for continued social interactions.

Whether our caregivers are in the client’s home 24/7 or provide care just a few hours a day, Personal Care Assistance from our professional caregivers provides peace of mind that about your loved one’s health and safety.

Find out more about establishing quality Personal Care Assistance services for your family with Family Resource Home Care.

What is Personal Care?

Personal care encompasses a broad range of services relating to ADLs, designed to ensure an individual’s health, hygiene and safety. These services include:

  • Bathing – from remaining nearby for safety reasons to providing complete shower or bed bath assistance
  • Toileting – includes transfers on and off the commode, catheter care, peri care, and ostomy/colostomy care
  • Dressing – from laying out clothes to full assistance
  • Walking/Ambulation – from standing by to ensure client safety, to providing hands-on assistance with a gait belt, walker, or wheelchair
  • Transfers and Assists – helping a client transfer from one position to another by simply being present to assure safety, or by providing hands-on assistance, and lifting a client with appropriate equipment such as a gait belt, mechanical lifts, or a sliding board
  • Grooming – includes hair, skin, and nail care
  • Assistance with exercise
  • Medication reminders

Because our caregivers spend considerable time with clients, they are often the first to notice changes in physical and mental health. Caregivers monitor client status by direct observation, and by noting and recording vital signs under the direction of health care professionals.

Observation and Reporting – This is one of the most important services caregivers do. It includes monitoring a client’s status, and reporting concerns and changes to a supervisor regarding the client’s physical well-being, functional level, cognitive status, skin condition, mood, mobility, interactions with others, and eating and sleeping patterns.

When a Family Resource caregiver observes a change in status and notifies a supervisor, the supervisor will contact the senior’s family. The client’s care plan may then be adjusted as needed. Our client care supervisors can also advise the family if the client’s doctor or other professionals should be consulted.

Vital Signs – Most Family Resource caregivers are trained to monitor and document vital signs, including blood pressure, blood sugar, temperature, weight, and respiration

How Do We Establish Personal Care Services?

At Family Resource Home Care, we start by listening.

We want to know the personal care concerns you have about your family member.

  • Are there safety issues you have noticed?
  • Changes in health or hygiene?
  • Is your loved one at risk for falls, reluctant to venture outside, or do they have mobility issues?

Perhaps you simply are concerned that your loved one many not be taking their medications correctly, or you wish to have a steady point of contact for the peace of mind of knowing your family member’s status on a regular basis.

Before services start, we will meet our new client and family at home and have a conversation so we can understand the personal care needs. Our comprehensive in-home assessment with the senior and family will go into detail about the issues they are experiencing. This in-home assessment will result in a care plan that details the tasks our caregivers will perform.

Meeting at home will also give us an opportunity to assess the home situation and make health and safety recommendations. If needed, we will contact medical professionals for specific instructions relevant to caring for chronic conditions, especially if there has been a recent hospital or acute care facility discharge. We will then assign a wonderful caregiver matched to your loved one’s needs, and start service.

Family Resource professionals work hard to make sure your loved one is pleased with their care, and adjust the care plan or caregivers as necessary. If the caregiver, senior, or family ever has any questions, supervisors are available by phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Best Personal Care Keeps Seniors Independent and Happy in Their Home

The team at Family Resource Home Care is committed to providing the best quality personal care services to keep seniors safe and independent. Our personal care services are customized to the needs and desires of each client, and are designed to achieve the quality of life they seek.

Our caregivers are all certified, experienced, and highly qualified, and offer attentive and caring Personal Care Assistance services. Click here to contact us or call (866) 545-1092 to find out more and schedule an in-home consultation about Personal Care Assistance services.