Family Resource Home Care Provides Quality Chronic Care Assistance At Home

chronic care services

A chronic medical condition is a health condition or disease that is persistent or long-lasting in its effects.
At Family Resource Home Care, many of our senior clients have chronic conditions that have a significant impact on their lives, the most common being:

  • Diabetes
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Stroke
  • COPD and other respiratory diseases
  • Arthritis
  • Neurological disorders such as Parkinsons’, ALS, and dementia, including Alzheimer’s Disease

Research by Johns Hopkins University found that 90% of adults in America over age 65 have one or more chronic diseases and 70% have two or more. Seniors with the most debilitating chronic medical conditions often need one-on-one care and struggle to find a way to manage their condition(s) yet remain independent at home.

Expert chronic care services provided by Family Resource Home Care can help make that happen. Read on to find out more about establishing quality chronic care services for your senior loved one with Family Resource Home Care.

Customized Care for Chronic Disorders

If your loved one has a chronic condition, they may need daily help, overnight observation or 24/7 care. No matter their chronic medical issue or level of care required, our highly qualified, experienced and compassionate caregivers care for your senior as if they were their own family member. You can have peace of mind that your loved one is in capable hands receiving the care they need.

Some of the services we offer for chronic care include:

  • Fall prevention and safety – Maintaining a safe environment is critical to protect your loved one when there are mobility and balance issues associated with their chronic illnesses.
  • Transportation needs – When families need help getting a loved one with a chronic condition to their doctor appointments, errands and activities outside the home our caregivers can take this task of their hands.
  • Medication management – Chronic conditions often require many medications. The caregiver will help your senior remember to take medications as prescribed and at the right time.
  • Schedule management – If your loved one struggles with recall because of their condition or medications, their caregiver can help ensure appointments and daily living tasks are kept on schedule.
  • Enhanced support – Home care can be increased in case of an illness, medical treatment or post-op until your senior is back to their usual condition.
  • Proactive care – Because the caregiver spends many hours with your loved one, they are able to act as “eyes and ears” and report changes to their supervisor who will notify you and make recommendations.

Benefits of Home Care for Chronic Conditions

In addition to the medical problems associated with chronic conditions, there are lifestyle and mental health concerns that should be addressed. In-home care can help address these issues and offers assistance in the environment that seniors prefer.

Home care is proven to achieve optimal health outcomes for many patients and allows your loved one to feel in control which is important to a positive mental attitude about care and health prognosis.

Quality In-Home Care Can…

  • Improve quality of life and health
  • Decrease hospitalization and ER visits
  • Decrease re-hospitalization after release
  • Combat depression and feelings of social isolation
  • Drastically decrease the risk of medication errors
  • Greatly reduce the risk of injury from falls

Our skilled caregivers are trained to observe and raise an alert when they note changes that can indicate complications or worsening of chronic conditions in your senior loved one. These include:

  • Changes in condition of skin
  • Changes in vision or hearing
  • Changes in speech or difficulty speaking
  • Changes in balance and movement
  • Changes in memory or cognition
  • Changes in sleep patterns and duration
  • Changes in vital signs such as blood pressure, respirations, or blood sugar
  • Changes in mood or behavior

How to Begin?
Call us, at 866.545.1092 and let’s talk.

We know that your loved one is much more than the sum of their medical conditions. Every client and family is unique and has their own story to tell. When you call us for a first-time appointment, we will use the time to learn all we can about your senior from their health history to their interests, desires and concerns.

We work with the senior to determine what goals are important to them and what needs they have. We’ll also talk to family members to learn more and build a complete understanding of the client.

From there, our client care professionals will develop a detailed and personalized care plan with special attention paid to each and every chronic condition. The next step is to match a qualified caregiver with your senior and ensure there’s a good match of personality and skill. The caregiver will know and understand the care plan and follow the steps outlined.

If the caregiver or senior, or family ever has any questions about the care, supervisors are available by phone 24-hours a day, seven days a week. We will all work hard to make sure your loved one is pleased with their care, including and adjusting the care plan or caregivers as necessary.

At Family Resource Home Care, all of our caregivers are experienced, certified and most have their own insured vehicle to escort your loved one to appointments, shopping, and social outings. Plus, we carefully select and screen our caregivers with thorough background checks, required references, and an in-depth interview. We only work with caregivers who are genuinely nice and who care about their clients.

When you choose Family Resource Home Care, you can rely on us for:

  • Patient-centric approach – Everything we do is centered on the well-being of your loved one and the patient is always our priority in every step of the process and every day of care.
  • Collaborative planning – We work closely with you and your senior to develop a plan and goals for care that are meaningful, based on your preferences and your loved one’s needs.
  • Relationship building – Our experienced caregivers will engage your loved one and establish a meaningful relationship to build trust to improve quality of life and health.
  • Flexible services – As your senior’s chronic condition and care needs change, we can easily scale services up or down to ensure you get exactly what you want and your loved one needs.
  • Satisfaction assured – It’s critical that your loved one is satisfied with services and their caregiver. We can change caregivers at any time based on your loved one’s preference.

In-Home Care for Chronic Conditions Improves Outcomes

If your senior loved one has a chronic condition, you can trust the team at Family Resource Home Care to provide the best quality care to keep them active, independent and in their own home. Click here to contact us or call 866.545.1092 to schedule an in-home consultation about chronic care services for your loved one.