We’re confident you’ll appreciate the services we provide because of the special caregivers who will deliver them.

We know that how you feel about Family Resource has everything to do with the relationship you have with your caregiver. This is why we take great pride in providing the most qualified caregivers. We perform thorough reference and criminal background checks, on both a local and national level. We verify Social Security numbers and work eligibility. In addition, our caregivers receive training both in a classroom setting and on-site in care facilities and client homes. Our staffing supervisors provide ongoing caregiver supervision and stay in regular contact with clients and families.

Nothing, however, can substitute for experience. Our caregiver turnover rate is very low. Many of our caregivers have been with us for 8, 9, even 12 years. The commitment, support, and respect we give our caregivers, including industry leading pay and benefits, has produced a skilled, dedicated and responsive staff. Of course you also can request a new caregiver at any time. This is another example of our culture of personal choice.

We’re not the only ones who feel our caregivers are special.

Each of our caregivers is a person we would welcome into our homes to take care of us. All are extremely well qualified and genuinely nice people. And we know from reading the dozens of letters we receive from clients expressing how our caregivers go above and beyond what is expected, we aren’t alone in praise for their work.

Meet Moudy Kambey, Washington Home Care Association’s Caregiver of the Year!

Moudy Kambey, WAHCA Caregiver of the Year caregiver
Moudy Kambey,
WAHCA 2016 Caregiver of the Year
Moudy was selected for this top honor in 2016, and is the 2nd Family Resource Home Care caregiver to receive this honor in the last 4 years (Family Resource was also recognized with the Caregiver of the Year award in 2012, which you can see here).

Here are a few excerpts from the many letters we have received from Moudy’s clients and their families:

Moudy is the most compassionate person I have ever met (and I can tell you I’ve met many).

She does everything with a smile and is always ready to do more.

I’ll give you an example: I have an ostomy and before my release from rehab I learned to take care of it and replace it independently. When Moudy saw me doing it she immediately said, “let me do it, it is easier for me and I’ll gladly do it.” She willingly does everything I ask and suggests things to do before I even think about it.

You can read more about Moudy’s state honors here.

Lito Gimenez named National Private Duty Association’s Caregiver of the Year!

male caregivers
Lito Gimenez, 2012 NPDA National Caregiver of the Year

In 2012, Lito Gimenez was honored with the National Private Duty Association (NPDA) “Caregiver of the Year” award at an awards ceremony September 13 in Orlando, Florida. The NPDA is the national home care association for private pay providers with 1,200 member home care agencies and over 250,000 caregivers from across the country.

At Family Resource Home Care, we know that our caregivers are going above and beyond what is expected when their client calls or writes to us about them. Lito’s personnel file is full of such letters. Here is just one:

“You just don’t meet people like Lito, everyday. For the past two years, three times a week, Lito cares for my dad. Every morning that he comes to our house it seems he makes it a point to lift my dad’s spirits and leave him in a better mood than he found him in. He cares for my dad in a way that, if I’m being honest, I find it hard to do myself sometimes; plus Lito never complains. It’s easy to say that’s his job, but I believe it goes much deeper than that. Lito bathes and prepares food for my dad. He takes him to the doctor and gives him haircuts. To put it simply, he has improved my dad’s quality of life by making sure that he is treated with dignity and respect even in his weakened state. Over the past two years Lito has cared for my dad, but it turns out that he has cared for all three of us.”

You can read more about Lito’s national honors here.

Like Moudy and Lito, each of Family Home Resource Center’s caregivers has a background in caregiving and has passed a rigorous screening process to be sure we would be as comfortable with our caregivers in our own homes, as we would in yours.

See our caregiver profiles here

If you want to talk about your family’s situation, simply call one of our Client Care Supervisors or Contact Family Resource Home Care. We’re here to listen, and help.