It doesn’t matter what your discharged patient needs at home; you’re one phone call away from a solution.

The professionals on staff at Family Resource have been helping patients and families manage the transition of care from hospital and skilled nursing to home for over 16 years. We understand the importance of continuity of care with expert oversight of discharge orders. Regardless of the patient’s needs, we have the experience, knowledge and resources to make sure the transition is smooth and safe.

We also appreciate the demands of your job. This is the reason we’ve developed systems that enable us to respond to your needs immediately. One phone call and we’ll make an assessment and usually provide care coverage within 24 hours.

One area of particular expertise is our support of area hospice services. Our trained, experienced, delegated and compassionate caregivers have been meeting the needs of clients and families with end-of-life care for years.

Family Resource Home Care is the largest and one of the oldest private home care agencies in the Puget Sound region. Our people are expertly trained, supervised, and thoroughly reliable. Our assistance ranges from housework to caring companionship to personal care as well as skilled nursing and end-of-life care. You can feel confident referring your patients to us.

Contact Family Resource Home Care and let us simplify your life making sure the needs of your patients are met.