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About Family Resource and home care services

What is the difference between an employment agency, a home care agency, and a home health agency?

An employment agency, also known as a registry, will send a caregiver to your home and charge a finders or matching fee. The caregiver then becomes the family’s employee. The registry does not take responsibility for substitutes, background checks, training, or supervision.

A home care agency provides primarily non-medical home care—helping with the activities of daily living necessary to maintain independence at home. The caregiver is employed by the home care agency, which provides scheduling, supervision, training, and insurance.

A home health agency provides primarily skilled medical care, most often reimbursable under the federal Medicare program, or private health insurance. (Medicare provides health insurance for those over 65 years of age).

Family Resource Home Care is licensed as both a home care and home health agency.

Home Care and Home Health Agencies can also be Private Duty Agencies. Family Resource is a private duty home care and home health agency. Private Duty means private pay. We do not have contracts to provide low-income assistance under Medicaid or skilled care under Medicare or private health insurance although we do accept long-term care insurance. In addition, in order to belong to the Home Care Association of America (HCAOA) and the Washington Private Duty Association (WAPDA), the agency must employ at least 95% of its care giving staff and subscribe to a code of ethics. Family Resource Home Care is proud to be a charter member of both HCAOA and WAPDA.

Are you a franchise?

No! Franchises pay big fees to the franchise company; we put that money into caregiver pay and benefits.

What kind of clients do you serve?

All kinds. While many of our clients are older adults who have simply grown weaker and less independent with age, many others have serious illnesses such as cancer, stroke, Parkinson’s, or Alzheimer’s. Still others may be younger but are disabled or have suffered injuries and need long-term care. With our years of service, you will be comforted to know that we most certainly have had experience with the challenges you and your family face. Call us to learn how we can help.

What is your service area?

We serve all of the greater Seattle, Tacoma and Eastside including most of King, Snohomish, and Pierce Counties.

Do you have references?

Absolutely! We have many, many satisfied clients who will be glad to talk to you. Call us and we’ll send you a list. You will also find we have many clients who have written us Google Reviews or posted positive comments on Angie’s List.

Why do you do this?

We really enjoy knowing that we make a difference in the life not only of the older adult, but the entire family.

About Family Resource Caregivers

How can I be sure that my caregiver will be skilled, honest, and reliable?

Providing the most qualified caregivers is one of the things we do best. We perform thorough reference and criminal background checks, on both a local and national level. We verify Social Security numbers and work eligibility. In addition, our caregivers receive training both in a classroom setting and on-site in care facilities and client homes. Our staffing supervisors provide ongoing caregiver supervision and stay in regular contact with clients and families.

Nothing, however, can substitute for experience. Caregivers stay with us for a long time, many for 8, 9, even 12 years. The commitment, support, and respect we give our caregivers, including industry leading pay and benefits, has produced a skilled, dedicated, responsive and loyal staff. Of course you also can request a new caregiver at any time. This is another difference between Family Resource and assisted living facilities.

Will you send the same caregiver every day?

Our intent is to find a caregiver who will establish a warm and respectful relationship with you. Once we have you set up on a regular schedule, you should have the same caregiver every visit. We can’t guarantee it, however. Caregivers do go on vacation and if, for any reason, your regular caregiver cannot fill an assigned shift, we will send a substitute. Making sure that a qualified caregiver is at your door when promised is our commitment to you. We could not operate any other way.

Will my caregiver speak English and be able to drive?

Yes. Fluency in both written and spoken English is a requirement for all caregivers, and we test to be certain. All caregivers are required to have a driver’s license, insurance, and a good driving record.

How soon can you start?

We will work with you to help meet your needs. We are usually able to start care within 24 hours.

About Cost and Payments

Are your services covered by health insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid?

Our private duty home care services as well as our nursing services are not generally covered benefits. However, these services are covered by most long-term care insurance policies as well as the VA and certain city and county pension funds

How much does it cost?

Another benefit of Family Resource is that you only pay for the services and time you need. As every client’s needs are unique, we will be able to tell you an exact bill rate at the time of assessment. Please call our office for a general range of rates.

Do you have a minimum level of service?

Our minimum is two hours per shift.

Do I have to sign a contract for a certain length of time?

No. With 24 hours’ notice, you can cancel service anytime.

Do I pay the caregiver directly?

Our caregivers are our employees, and we are responsible for their pay. We will send you an itemized bill once a month.

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept checks, Visa, and MasterCard.

How about live-in care?

We have many live-in clients. Please call us about our 24-hour rates.

How can we help? Call us and talk to our Client Care Supervisors about your situation.
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