Looking for Bellevue home care services?

Family Resource Home Care’s Bellevue office supports families who need help for their loved ones. Whether it’s senior care, post-surgical care, support for chronic illness, or just simple help around the house, Family Resource Bellevue has been serving the Eastside with commitment and kindness since 2004.

Call our office on Bel-Red Road at 425.455.2004.

From Redmond, Issaquah, Bothell, and Woodinville, to Kirkland, Bellevue, and Mercer Island, Family Resource provides home care starting at just a few hours per week to continuous 24 hour/day.

The Family Resource Bellevue team works hard to provide quality care for our clients and a supportive work environment for our caregivers. Our strong focus on customer service means our clients love having us in their home and appreciate the quality of care they receive.

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Meet the Bellevue team

Family Resource Home Care’s Bellevue leadership team includes:

  • Clare McKannay, Branch Manager and Client Care Supervisor

Clare has a deep commitment to providing quality care for seniors and their families. Growing up in large close-knit family with deep caregiving roots, she loves working with her clients to ensure all their needs are met. Clare is knowledgeable, smart, caring, and committed to all her Bellevue clients and caregivers.

  • Shari Crossland, MSW, Client Care Supervisor

Shari has a graduate degree in social work from University of Washington, advanced certification in geriatric social work, and over 20 years’ experience. Shari understands and supports the complex social, emotional, and care needs of both our clients and their families.

  • Joyce Njoroge, CNA, Staffing Supervisor

Joyce is responsible for matching each of her clients to just the right caregiver. She and her staffing partner Celina work closely with all our caregivers to know their particular strengths and skills. This deep knowledge allows Joyce to ensure that clients receive not only the specific care they need, but a caregiver who is a good personality match.

  • Celina Kershner, Staffing Supervisor

Celina came to Family Resource with a wealth of experience in home care staffing and supervision. She and Joyce work hard all day, talking to caregivers and clients alike, making sure That Bellevue caregivers know exactly where they are to go each day, and what care to provide.

  • Mimi Bude, CNA, and Salome Kayesa, CNA, Lead Caregivers

Mimi and Salome are two amazing caregivers who we can send anywhere on short notice. They represent the very best of the wonderful caregivers in the Family Resource Bellevue office.

Bellevue Home Care Services

Family Resource Bellevue caregivers provide assistance with personal care, companionship, housekeeping and more to help vulnerable adults live independently in the comfort of their own home. Every client is unique and has their own needs and concerns and the services we recommend will come after we fully understand your story.

See our services page for a complete explanation:

If you’re not sure which services are best for your family in Bellevue, or throughout the Eastside, call our office on Bel-Red Road at 425.455.2004. Speak to Shari Crossland or Clare McKannay about the care you need. They can arrange for a wonderful caregiver, often as soon as the next day. You can trust Family Resource Home Care to provide the best care by kind, attentive professionals dedicated to your loved one’s health and well-being. Call today.

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